3 Famous Parks and Gardens in Paris

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Famous Parks And Gardens

The city of Paris is home to some of the best maintained and most beautiful gardens in the world. In fact, these elegant gardens and parks in the French capital are ideal to take a stroll with your loved ones on a warm summer afternoon.

Tourists who have finished visiting all the famous and crowded attractions in the city during their first Paris tours often wish to spend a fair amount of their time in a less crowded place that makes them feel calm and relaxed. If you are one among them, below are some of the finest parks and gardens in Paris that will help you explore the calm side of Paris.

Jardin Du Luxembourg

The incredibly beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg of Paris, which is situated right in the heart of the Latin Quarter, is a favorite spot for both tourists and Parisians. This elegant garden was created by the widow of King Henry IV, Marie de Medici in the early 16th century as a part of the Luxembourg Palace.

The stunning Medici Fountain in the heart of the Jardin du Luxembourg is a view you shouldn’t miss while you are going on Paris tours. Your kids will love to sail the old-fashioned sailboats for hire in the garden. So, make sure to take them with you while you are visiting the garden.

Jardin Des Tuileries

The stunning Jardin Des Tuileries is set between the Place de la Concorde and the famous Louvre museum in Paris. This garden was also created by a widowed queen, Catherine de Medici. The garden was originally connected to the old Tuileries Palace but several kings redesigned the gardens as per their wishes.

The Jardin Des Tuileries has been transformed into a riding circuit, orangery, and a hunting ground over the years. However, the Tuileries garden is now home to several lovely foundations and large walkways where you can spend a wonderful evening with your family.

Champs De Mars

The Champs De Mars of Paris is located between the Ecole Militaire and Eiffel Tower. The unparallel views of the lovely park attract millions of visitors to it every year. Take an afternoon walks through the park, enjoy a picnic, and snap a few photos of the Eiffel Tower to make your Paris tours a bit more memorable.

There is tons of space for your kids to run around in the garden, and if that is not enough for them, then you could take them to one of the four charming playgrounds in the park. If you want to spend some quality time with your kids and family while you are in Paris, then visit Champs De Mars is the ultimate destination for you.