5 Things you Probably Didn’t Know about the Tourist Attractions in Paris

Paris Walking Tours

Tourist Attractions In Paris

You are in Paris on holiday with your family, visiting hotspots, dining in the best restaurants, and partaking in the finest things the city has to offer. Learning new things about the place can be a fascinating experience too, so here are a few lesser-known facts you can ponder when on one of your Paris walking tours.

The Eiffel Tower Has a Hidden Apartment

The Eiffel Tower has pretty much everything else beat on your list of places to visit in the City of Lights. Did you know there is a hidden apartment in the world-famous structure? Gustave Eiffel himself stayed there once. This apartment is a thousand feet from the ground, and was usually a place where prominent guests such as Thomas Edison were entertained. Today it is mostly untouched and full of antique furniture, although tourists are allowed a peek.

The Louvre is Hard to Experience Suitably without a Plan

The Louvre Museum is famous, and has been for a long time now. Most tourists hate skipping it, but some do tend to go in unprepared. The establishment is huge, covering 15 acres of land, which means you cannot even look at each exhibit for half a minute without the whole thing taking you two days in all. Therefore, do some planning before heading out, and do not miss the Mona Lisa, the Winged Victory of Samothrace, or the Venus de Milo.

Jardin De Luxembourg Offers Beekeeping Classes

The Luxembourg Garden is a 55-acre park comprising gardens spotted with statues, a historic carousel, and playgrounds. One thing they do not come out and tell you though, is that you can sign up for beekeeping classes. The southwest corner has several beehives.

Passage l’Homme Has a Food Market

For fresh local food while in Paris, an open-air food market is the best option. These are constantly teeming with locals, creating a good ambience for you to enjoy. However, Passage l’Homme has a food market, which offers a more genuine experience. This is not where you get souvenirs; they sell only homemade crafts and food.

Designer Goods Can Be Bought at Affordable Prices

Paris is often tagged as a posh and pricey tourist destination. However, it is not the case actually if you know where to look for the best deals. In fact, some boutiques such as Reciproque, Mistigriff, and Andre offer fashion-forward clothes and shoes that are a good grab for tourists who do not want to spend too much.