A Few Simple Things to Know before Visiting Paris

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Paris is one of the best international cities that you can visit anytime of the year. Many tourists return to the city and never get tired of visiting. One of the reasons for this is that Paris is easy to explore on foot; even if you are not interested in Paris walking tours, you can go for many other public transportation options here, like the river bus or metro, and get anywhere in the French capital city to enjoy your trip to the core. If this is your first time to Paris, you should keep in mind the following travel tips for an exciting and all-engaging tour.

Learn a Little French

The local Parisians are very gracious; you just need to learn a little of their language and customs to see why French people are said to be the friendliest hosts in the world. In Paris, a polite greeting to anyone you meet is a must and including a simple “Bonjour Monsieur” (or Madame) before any interaction can do the magic for you. You might be reminded of this formality by the Parisians if you forgot to greet them. Try adding a little singsong quality to your greeting to bag a few bonus points.

Take a Break during your Tours

Make sure to learn how the locals live and avoid the mistake of running from one Parisian attraction to the other. If you can, find time to spend a leisurely evening at the Luxembourg gardens and people-watch while enjoying the beauty of the garden. Most of the Parisians live in small apartments and finding time to spend in parks on pleasant sunny days is really important to them. You will find many chairs and benches waiting to welcome you in the gardens.

Go for a Second Round

If you have been to Paris before, you might feel that you have run out of things to do. However, a little homework can help you to explore a few more memorable experiences. You can visit the grave of singer Jim Morrison or explore the Père Lachaise Cemetery to see the last resting place of many famous people. You can enjoy the creative graffiti around the final resting place of the lead singer of “The Doors”. It is also worth to check out the French predecessor to the High Line in New York, which is a withdrawn elevated train line in Manhattan that is now transformed into a linear par.