An Enticing Trip to Parc De Sceaux

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Trip To Parc De Sceaux

There will be hardly anyone, who does not dream of exploring the capital city of France. Almost everything about Paris is inviting; be its natural beauty or the architectural aesthetics. Obviously, a Louvre museum tour or an Eiffel Tower tour will be the topmost priority of almost every traveler, as these places rank high in the must-see things in this magical city. However, there are some lesser-known places in the French capital as well, that are equally beautiful and enchanting as any top-notch attractions here.

You can make your Paris tours more exciting and memorable if you include some of these hidden gems also in your itinerary. These places will be less crowded and noisy as well when compared to the major attractions in the city. Hence, you can enjoy some peaceful and private movements in this serene and harmonious atmosphere.

Parc De Sceaux

Parc de Sceaux is one of the most beautiful parks in the French capital that is less explored by the travelers. The astounding park, that spans around 2 km, is designed by the ace architect, Andre le Notre, who also contributed in designing the famous Tuilleriers gardens and Versailles. Parc de Sceaux is crammed with colorful blooms, green trees, walking/running trails, etc., that are sure to offer you a splendid experience. There is also a fitness trail as well around the border of the park.

What to See

There are a number of elements in this park, which are sure to make your Paris tour out of this world. Some of the major highlights over here include Museum of Ile-de-France, which was a former chateau, Plane of Four Statues, a large open field in front of Museum of Ile-de-France, cozy cafes, and many more.

There is also a Grand Canal over here that is about 1.1 km around and is designed in such a way that a long canal embodies a smaller pool called “I’Octogone” as well. It is really a mesmerizing sight to behold when the waterway from the main cellar is descending to the Grand Canal through a beautiful fountain. This whole ambiance makes Parc de Sceaux one of the most romantic gateways in the city. No wonder, may newlyweds come here to click romantic photographs.

How to Reach

This wonderful park is only at a distance of 10 km from the city towards the south; that is it will take only 35 minutes to reach this picturesque park from the heart of the city. The best way to reach here is through an RER (Regional Express Network), which is a rapid transit system that connects Paris and its surrounding suburbs. You will also have to walk for extra 15 more minutes to reach the park. RER ticket price is approximately €2.5 for adults, but the entry to the park is free of cost.