Best Tips to Beat the Tourist Mayhem in the French Capital

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Paris is one of the dream destinations for almost every traveler. The enchanting beauty of nature, wondrous architectures, and the mesmerizing artworks here are sure to make you fall in love with the city at the first sight. There are many things that you must include on the to-do list before setting on the Paris tours. Some of those things include running the fingertips over the glass works of Sacre Coeur, a romantic walk by the banks of Seine River, a panoramic view of Paris, eating a crumbly baguette that are usually wrapped in a brown paper bag, etc.

However, most of the top-rated attractions in the city will be way too crowded and noisy for obvious reasons. This will make it challenging for almost every traveler to enjoy and celebrate the city to the fullest. So below are some of the priced tips that you can consider to beat the tourist mayhem on your next Paris private tours.

Explore Sacre Coeur at Night

Even though the famous Scare Coeur church is one of the best sights to behold at any time of the day, it will be magical at night. During nighttime, the basilica will be entirely illuminated and the steps leading to it will be beautified with many lanterns as well. Note that the decoration and light works during the summer will be the best. After enjoying the amazing architecture of the church, find a good spot on the steps and sing along with the street musicians for an amazing night experience.

View the Iconic Eiffel Tower from the Offbeat Viewing Points

It is a known fact that the Eiffel Tower will be always crowded with thousands of people because of its utmost charm. However, there are also some unusual places to view this goliath structure, where you will be able to see only a handful of people even at the peak hours. Two of such places where you can enjoy the Eiffel Tower are the Bir Hakeim Bridge and the terrace of Saint Jacques Tower. So grab a beer and enjoy the spectacular sight of the sun setting over the Eiffel Tower and the amazing light works from these viewing points.

Explore the Louvre at Night

The Louvre, being one of the prime attractions in the French capital, will be always crowded with tourists. However, the museum will be open up to 09:45 pm on every Wednesday and Friday. So, come here by 06:00 pm to enjoy an awe-inspiring sight of the sunset and to enjoy your favorite artworks without any tourist pandemonium. Furthermore, enjoy a romantic walk as well in the Louvre premises with a stunning backdrop of the sparkling pyramids and some soothing music by the street musicians.