Coolest Streets to Explore in the French Capital

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There is no arguing that Paris city is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The enchanting natural beauty and mesmerizing architectural wonders in the city are so captivating that it should be explored at least once in a lifetime. Unsurprisingly, exploring this spellbound city will be one of the ultimate dreams of almost every traveler.

There are many astounding streets in the City of Lights that are sure to make your Paris city tours more exciting and memorable. Exploring each of these happening streets will give you a profound idea of the true culture of this city as well. So, expand your horizon and explore the streets given below during your Paris tours to take your trip to the next level.

Rue Denoyez

Rue Denoyez is one of the most happening and coolest streets in the French capital. This is also a branch of the most flourishing neighborhood of the city, Rue de Belleville. The cobbled streets and the heavily tagged walls in the street is a magnet for all the trendy people who love spending their quality time relishing their favorite food from cozy cafes, restaurants, or bars.

To make the tour complete, pay a visit to the Frichez nous la Paix once you explored the Rue Denoyez Street, which is a small independent gallery and artists’ workshop.

Rue Oberkampf

Another street that is famous for their street arts in the French capital is the Rue Oberkampf. The intersection of Rue Saint-Maur with Café Charbon in the street is one of the main highlights here. This is especially because of the Le Mur, which is an association-managed wall where both locals, as well as the international artists play wonders. They will repaint the wall every few weeks in order to give an eye-catching masterpiece. Hence, the street is one the popular ones amongst the artists.

Another attraction here is that there are numerous quirky bars and music venues on the street, making it a perfect option for nightlife junkies. Two of such best places here are Les Philanthropes and Bar Les Pirates.

Rue de Marseille

This is one of the best streets in the City of Lights, where you can explore the rich history as well as the true culture of Paris. The proximity of the street to Canal Saint-Martin contributes to the overall selling point. The best time to explore these streets is during summer, when the streets are crammed with young Parisians and happy revelers almost every time.

The main highlight of the streets is the high-end fashion stores and trendy boutiques making it really famous among the fashionistas. Apart from that, there are many top-notch as well as affordable and cozy bars along the streets here, which make it worth a visit for every traveler.