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Birthplace Of Paris

Paris is an interesting city with many historic neighborhoods, but the neighborhood of Île de la Cité is on top of the list, as this small island is the place where the city of Paris was born and from where all the distances in the country are measured.

The trip to Île de la Cité will be an unforgettable one and will take you through the history, lore, legends, and many personalities that make the small island in the Seine River much important for the city.

It is said that the Île de la Cité has seen the best and worst things of the Parisian history and the tour of the place will be an unforgettable event in your Paris tour. You may have included the popular tourist attractions like Louvre museum and Notre Dame Cathedral in your Paris tour itinerary. However, after finishing the Notre Dame and Louvre museum tour, you must embark to explore Île de la Cité.

It will be good for you if you are in guided Paris tours, as your tour operator will be able to explain to you the legends and stories surrounding the place. These Paris tour guides will be able to point to you many details that you will otherwise miss.

While walking down the winding streets of the place, your tour guide will explain to you stories of life in Paris in the Middle Ages. The streets may appear similar and confusing, but with the Paris tours guide, you will not get lost in the crowd.

In your way, you will reach the La Conciergerie, which is a beautiful building that conceals a very dark history. The building was ground zero for the terrors of French Revolution, and in those days, many people were imprisoned in the building, waiting their turn to die with the guillotine.

The highlight of Paris walking tours is that you get to see the cells where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned. There are two cells out of which one has been converted to a chapel, which has a portrait of her. The walls of the chapel are decorated with inverted tears and many tourists say that the place invoke a sharp sense of sadness in them. The other cell is kept as it was during her imprisonment, which is a reminder of the dark Parisian history.