Getting the Best of Disneyland Paris in Just One Day

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You might definitely love to visit the Disneyland when in the City of Lights. In fact, Disneyland Paris is a much-adored theme park by kids and adults equally. However, if you have only one day to spend at Disneyland, you will definitely have to skip some rides. Well, who would wish to do that? So, follow the guidelines below to get the maximum of the park within a day.

Book Tickets in Advance

You may obviously know that buying tickets after reaching the park will consume a major part of your time. If the park is overcrowded, then there is a chance that you may not get tickets. Therefore, make sure to book your tickets online in advance. Since the tickets get sold out very quickly, the earlier you reserve, the better.

Download the Disneyland Paris App

Try downloading the Disneyland Paris app from Android Play Store or Apple App Center. On entering the park, you can enable your mobile data and not only check the rides in the park but also the status of the queues in every ride. By this, you can avoid spending time on a long queue and go to the rides having less crowd instead.

Prepare a Quick Itinerary

Preparing a quick itinerary will help you to save time on deciding what ride you have to go next or to which section you should go first. List out the things you want to do in order and decide on the amount of time you will want to spend in each park (Disneyland Park and Disney Studio World). this way, you can plan better. Remember that Disney Studio closes earlier than Disneyland Park.

Go For a Fast Pass

A fast pass is a good way to save a lot of time. Get a fast pass that consists of pre-allotted ride timings on it. All rides have fast pass machine from which you can get your time printed beforehand. This means that you get an allotted time for each ride and you will have to go to that specific ride on the right time and enjoy it without having to wait on the queue.

Eat While Walking

Caf├ęs and restaurants in Disneyland are always crowded. Hence, make sure not to waste too much time waiting in the queue to buy full-sized meals. You can consider buying light snacks instead. Without sitting back and relaxing to have the food, you should eat while you walk. Moreover, to save enough time, you can buy light food from outside as they are allowed in.