Most Popular Cemeteries in Paris and Their Secrets

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Most Popular Cemeteries

Exploring the cemeteries in Paris is equal to walking an urban park. Some people may find these Parisian cemeteries to be romantic, while others may find it as somewhat mysterious when on Paris tours on foot.

Père Lachaise

The most popular Parisian cemetery is Père Lachaise, which is home to the burial places of several celebrities including French singer Édith Piaf, Irish poet Oscar Wilde, and American singer Jim Morrison.

The tomb of Jim Morrison here is fenced, but people still get around the fence and trees to leave personal messages on his grave. Oscar Wilde’s tomb is also explored with equal amount of worship. Women used to kiss his burial place until a glass fence covered it. Now, they kiss on the glass instead.


The most iconic burial place in this cemetery is the grave of Dalida, who was one of the popular singers to have hailed from France during the 1950’s. Each day, devotees leave flowers on her tomb as a tribute.

The second most touching tomb in the Montmartre is that of a couple and their daughter, who were causalities of World War II.


This cemetery in the 12th arrondissement of Paris has a rich history and opens only in the afternoons. During the French Revolution, Picpus used to bury carcasses of beheaded people.

It is home to the burial place of Marquis de Lafayette, a military officer, who fought in the American Revolutionary War and contributed to the political structure of France both before and following the French Revolution. The French government permits to raise the US flag in Lafayette’s tombstone.


This cemetery in Batignolles neighborhood spans around 11 hectares. Just like the Père Lachaise, the burial places of many French painters, writers and soldiers exist in the cemetery in the 17th arrondissement.

The neighborhood used to be independent until former French president Napoleon III annexed it to the city capital during the 19th Century. The cemetery is an ideal place for an evening walk through several chestnut trees.

Cimetière des Chiens

The cemetery of the dogs in Paris is home to the burial place of animals including dogs, kittens, monkeys, and some lions. Its most famous grave is that of Rin Tin Tin, a German shepherd dog, which featured in films during the early 20th Century.