Some Interesting and Enlightening Facts about Place Du Tertre

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Paris is one of the most enchanting cities in the world, without any doubts. There will be hardly any traveler, who does not dream about exploring this magical city. In fact, Paris will be one of the primary destinations in the bucket list of almost every vagabond. There are many iconic architectural aesthetics and places in the French capital that can be categorized under the must-see things.

There are many beautiful villages and hilltops in the City of Lights, which are astoundingly beautiful. One such spot here is the Place Du Tertre. This is one of the mesmerizing places in the capital city, which can be included in the itinerary of your Paris walking tours. Below are some of the interesting facts about the Place Du Tertre that you can discover during your next Paris walking tours.

Place Du Tertre

Tertre means hillock and Place du Tertre is an artistic hilltop of Montmartre. This was actually a charming little village that is beautified with little farms, vineyards, and windmills. The cost of living as well as the authentic French wine was really cheap here. No wonder, this place was a heaven for many veteran artists like Maurice Utrillo, Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso, and many more. This leads to the formation of an artistic community in this mesmerizing summit Now, you can see many talented artists at every nook and cranny of place du Tertre selling their paintings or offering portrait sessions.

Be an Artist at Place Du Tertre

This amazing hilltop is located on one of the largest hills of the French capital at 130 meters height. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the most visited spots in Paris and the competition for some space in this artistic hillock is really ferocious. Here, only a tiny space, that is, around 3 square feet of space, is allotted to an artist. Even this space must be shared between two artists on alternating days. If you want to be an artist in place du Tertre, you will have to apply through the town hall of the 18th arrondissement. However, the waiting list is about 10 years long.

Word ‘Bistro’ Was Invented Here

The word ‘Bistro’ was invented it was in the La Mere Catharine, one of the oldest restaurants here, after the battle of Paris in 1814 during the Russian occupation. Legend has it that the soldiers used to enjoy their favorite beverages from this restaurant and often shout ‘bystro’, which means ‘quick’ in Russian. This was an indication for the comrades to speed up their drinking and rejoin the ranks.