The Best Bars to Watch Sporting Action in Paris

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Paris is a city of exotic celebrations and parties. Hence, there is no shortage of bars in the city. There are a bunch of sports bars that stand out from the rest and provide amazing ambiance to the visitors. Below are the top sports bars in the city that you must visit on your Paris tours.


This is a comparatively new bar in the league. Located in the vicinity of Strasbourg Saint-Denis L’Inconnu has a friendly and polite management and is always a welcoming place to be. The bar offers comfortable sofas, smooth lighting, and good Parisian beer, which means it has all the arrangements that entertain conversations and encounters. The bar remains open until 02:00 am and is a good place to be on your Paris tours.

Les Tontons Bringueurs

This is a bar themed with cinema. Even its name is picked from the play of a movie, while the walls here are lined with quotes from Jean Carmet as well as Micheal Audiard. The best available drink in the bar is rum, but all other varieties are also available. As the drinks flows during a sporting event, spirits light up and so does the whole atmosphere inside the bar.

Le Café Des Sports

This café holds music program such as electro, chanson, pop, as well as world dub. Wine and beer can be bought at really cheap rates here, which are sometimes complimented with couscous. However, one downside of the bar is that space is limited to just one room.

Sof’s Bar

This bar has an unmarked shop front and is well inside the group of buildings to be easily seen. The owner of the bar, Sofiane, converted this waterhole into a cozy place with beautiful curtains and vintage style red brick wall. No wonder, it attracts all sports lovers on Paris tours to the place.

Le HasBeen

If you are looking for the ideal neighborhood café, then head straight to Le HasBeen at the junction of Rue Claude Vellefaux and Rue Saint-Maur. The place is easily accessible if you are on Paris walking tours. The owners, Hasan and Benjamin, are very friendly and would treat you with a range of excellent beers. This is a great place to be with your friends, and have conversations as you shift to the board games.

The Lions

The Lions is a classic English pub preferred by bankers to grab an after-work drink. The place is also a favorite among part-time beer enthusiasts as well as sports fans from Britain. The interior has a blue façade and a look that distinguishes it from its competitors. What’s more, the bar hits really high voltages when emotions flare during the football matches.