Tips for a Budget-Friendly Shopping in Paris

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Paris, the prestigious capital of France, is the dream destination for all who have wanderlust. Everything about the city is so attracting and great that hardly anyone can resist the urge to reach the City of Lights. In fact, the grand city is rich with its monuments, its tumultuous history, its immense cultural influence and economic power, its sophisticated delicacies, and much more, that invites you in to have a good time here.

Paris is a shopper’s stop for every traveler because of its rich couture, trendsetting labels, and trendy fashion. Most of the travel buffs are shopping maniacs too or at least try to shop things from their loved tourist destinations as a souvenir. Still, if you don’t want to lighten your savings, and only want to shop the best, there are certain things to be taken care of. Below are some tips so that you can shop in plenty without spending a fortune in Paris.

The Season Sales

Paris has a bi-annual sale that takes place during the months of January and August. The sale offers during the beginning of the year are for the previous year’s collections to make way for new ones, whereas the sale in August is to get rid of their summer fashion and to be ready for somber back-to-school collections. So if you visit Paris during these months, you can take the best advantage of the shopping offers and save your money.

In January, you will get better deals called Le-blanc, which means anything for linen, for the home, for beach, or winter. On top of that, you will get great comforters, set of sheets, and much more for less than half the price. What’s more, you can even get great bargains if you are flexible enough and open-minded.

The Secret Streets

In the streets climbing up to Montmartre, you can find plenty of shops with great fabric and vintage stores with an awesome collection for cheaper rates. Most of the stores will be just about the size of a walk-in closet, but the outside racks offer ten times as much merchandise as the inside of the shop.

Montparnasse, Saint Lazare, and Belleville are the streets with the best picks at the cheapest rate. Also in the Arab area of Belleville, you will get cheap shoes, espadrilles, ankle boots, and all the knick-knacks like nail polish, thermometer, square pillow cases, souvenir tee shirts, and much more for much cheaper rates.

Bargain Shopping

Paris is not known for being a cheap city, but if you know where to hunt, you will get great deals. One chain of stores called Paris affaires (Paris bargains) is filled with many cute little things that all will love such as French press for morning coffee, nice little cups with holder. You can get great stuff in the Emmaus shop near La Bastille, like a UPLA messenger bag just for 3 Euros.

Besides, there are consignment stores called depot-ventes, where you can find plenty of flea markets selling furniture and décor things. Furthermore, there is a store in Paris, where they sell clothes by the weight, which is the best choice for extreme thriftiers.

Where Not to Go

Even if you cannot make to the sales or to the above-mentioned stores, try to avoid the shopping centers in the city, as you can always find good deals at the outskirts or at the doors of Paris. Fortunately, sales tax is always included in the price and you do not have to pay an extra penny while billing.

You can always have good deals in fashion and jewelry in Paris as the city is brimming with trendy things, but only if you know where to look. Below is a guide on to hunt for affordable fashion.

  • Ouen Flea Market – It is one of the best places in Paris, where you can shop, and is a bonanza for bargain hunters. St. Ouen is composed of 15 markets that are crammed with home decors, furniture, rare books, and antiques. You can make the best use of the market with your caliber to bargain.
  • Germain-des-Pres – This shopping hub is best known for its boutiques with trendy ensembles and literary café. Mouton a Cinq Pattes is the place for fashionistas where they can find cheap designer collections from past season. In addition, Rue De Rennes is the best street to find trendy French chains.
  • Montmartre – Rue des Abbesses is the kernel of stylish yet affordable boutiques and chick style jewelry stores. In fact, you can shop in this free-spirited atmosphere street in Montmartre until you drop.

Some of the other budget-friendly shopping destinations in Paris include the Marais district and Rue de Commerce, and you can also find cheap shops at the doors of the city.