Top 3 Ateliers Or Studio Spaces of Artists Turn Museums in Paris

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It is no secret that many of the world’s renowned artists had ateliers or studios in Paris, or had migrated to the city to earn a living or tryst with the beautiful landscapes here. Some of these artists were natives while others were immigrants, but they all had one thing in common: true artistry. It is a customary thing to pay a visit to Musée du Louvre when in the City of Lights for the first, or even the umpteenth time. What’s also worth exploring is the multitude of artist-specific museums or former studios to make your Paris tour all the more exciting.

Musée Delacroix

The Louvre is exhibiting artworks by Eugène Delacroix, which give insights into his work and life, until July 23, 2018. Besides this, you can take a Louvre Museum tour any time of year to see the artist’s works, and visit his atelier turn National Museum to explore more of them. Louvre Museum not only has most of Delacroix’s best paintings, including “Liberty Leading the People,” but also artworks from each stage of his career. To get further insight, a visit to the museum named after Delacroix is also worth considering. It has been under Musée du Louvre’s administration since 2004.

Atelier Brancusi

Constantin Brâncuși not only owned a studio in Paris but also bequeathed it to the French state, which happened as per his will. He passed in 1957, but his conviction in leaving the property to the capital city resulted in several reconstructions afterwards. A partial reconstruction of his atelier was completed five years after his death, at Palais de Tokyo in 1962. Then, it got reconstructed again in 1977, near Centre Pompidou, and has been a part of the area since then. Although Atelier Brancusi is a reconstruction of his original studio in Montparnasse, it contains some amazing works by the Romanian sculptor.

Musée Rodin

This museum, opened in 1919, offers an array of works of art by Auguste Rodin, the famous French sculptor. He sculpted and stored most of his works inside the rented rooms of Hôtel Biron, which is now a museum housing hundreds of his artworks. Besides the mansion-turned-museum, its garden too displays world-famous sculptures.