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If you are a person who loves to try different varieties of wine and enjoy the drink with your friends, then you should definitely go on Paris tours. Wine is actually a part of the living heritage of Paris and France. As a result, there are plenty of excellent wine bars in the City of Lights and most of them serve delicious and rare wine products.

However, tourists who are going on their first Paris walking tours have no clue on where they can get the real taste of Parisian wine. If you happen to be such a traveler, then below are some of the finest wine bars in the city of Paris that are worth a visit.

Les Caves De Pragues

Les Caves de Pragues, which is situated near the Place de la Bastille in Paris, is one of the most attractive and popular wine bars in the city. This bar is usually less crowded, as most tourists and even some residents have no idea about the existence of such a bar. The staffs will greet y0u will a warm welcome smile and even help you to choose a wine that suits your taste. There is an abundant collection of French wines in the bar and each one of them is worth your time and money.

Le 11e Domaine

Le 11e Domaine, which is only a few meters away from the Parmentier station of Paris, is an absolute treat for wine lovers. You can find different varieties of wines from every part of France such as Bourgogne or Bordeaux in this bar. Additionally, there are less famous wine products on the menu too, along with delicious foreign wine bottles from Australia, Argentina, and Chile. If you are visiting Le 11e Domaine, then make sure to order the hearty cheese and hams trays, as it will make your wine drinking experience a lot more delightful.

La Cave À Michel

La Cave à Michel is one of the most authentic wine bars in the City of Lights. The bartenders and staff members at this wine bar will more than happy to suggest the best varieties of wine available in the bar. Delicious red wines from the Côtes du Rhône are lined up right next to white wines from La Vallée de la Loire to ensure that customers find what they want.