Top 5 Activities to Try Out in Batignolles on Paris Tours

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The quaint neighborhood in the City of Lights named Batignolles has been off the radar for long, but only until adventurous travelers walked the offbeat path. Slowly, more and more people are coming to the 17th administrative district when on Paris tours in search of restaurants, nightlife activities, green spaces, and sprawling markets. Some of the tourists coming here also include art enthusiasts, as many budding artists have moved into the neighborhood while reviving an interest in all things creative. Below is a compilation of top 5 to-do things in Batignolles.

Square des Batignolles

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Paris, this square in Batignolles neighborhood has the perfect tranquility and charm to captivate you. Replete with plenty of trees, this verdant green location has grottoes, river, waterfall, as well as a pond that harbors waterfowl. From the outside of the park entrance to the square situated at Place Charles Fillon, you can find many bakeries, restaurants, and stores for shopping.

Organic Market of Farmers

The neighborhood borders an organic food market during weekends, which offers an array of products from fresh produce to strawberries, cheese, seafood, pastries, and purple asparagus. If you are planning a picnic anywhere in Paris, this market has a lot to offer as far as the food is concerned. In fact, this is the place to be for enjoying the ambiance of village-like area right in the heart of a bustling city.

Le BAL for Contemporary Art

This underexplored cultural hub in Paris is one of its coolest locations for contemporary art lovers, giving an idea as to what constitutes the art scene presently in the capital city. It holds frequent exhibits on photographers and artists who are native, alongside documentary and film screenings. The cultural center boasts of cinema, bookshop, and a café also.

Drinks in a Bar

The nightlife in Batignolles is unpretentious and jovial. You will not find aggressive clubs or overtly glamorous or sensual activities in the bars here. Instead, you can quietly have a glass of wine or your favorite cocktail, enjoying the tapas or charcuterie.

Coretta Restaurant

This is one of the gastronomic French restaurants in all of Paris let alone the Batignolles neighborhood. Legions of patron foodies come here for having top-quality, gourmet food. The restaurant itself is eponymous of Martin Luther King’s spouse, so you can imagine its importance to natives and tourists.