What Tourists May See in the Renovated Pablo Picasso Museum

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Renovated Pablo Picasso Museum

The Hotel Salé in Paris hosts the art gallery of Picasso, and the first thing a tourist may notice once they hit the spot, is the mammoth size of what was once the Embassy of The Republic of Venice. In 2014, the Picasso museum reopened in Paris city following five years of renovation works. Art lovers who have been on a Louvre museum tour must have heard of the Picasso museum in Paris city. In fact, there are plenty of museums to visit during your Paris tours, and adding the eponymous museum named after Pablo Picasso to the list would be even more exciting.

Picasso was a great painter and one of the pioneers of the impressionist era art form, who laid the bedrocks to modern expressionism paintings. The Louvre museum also exhibits some of Picasso’s renowned works in collaboration with the Picasso museum and Musee d’Orsay. In fact, it is said that Pablo Picasso once said, “Give me a museum and I’ll fill it,” in his glory days.

Even today, the “Death of Casagemas” is one of the impressionist paintings that impresses upon visitors who go to the impressive Pablo Picasso museum. Casagemas was a dear friend of Picasso and he created “Death of Casagemas” as a tribute to the Spanish poet upon his death.

On the other hand, “Massacre in Korea” fully expresses the Picasso of 1951 and was created after the Cold War broke peace in North Korea. Experts believe Goya’s “Tres de Mayo” to be the inspiration behind “Massacre in Korea” by Pablo Picasso. The painting also denotes Picasso’s interest in politics, cubism, arts, and culture. Interestingly, the Picasso museum also has archives, pictures, and sculptures inside the art gallery.

After visiting the Picasso museum, you may visit the Bateau-lavoir in Montmartre – the same place from where the classic painter painted the immortal work “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon”. Also known as “The Ladies of Avignon”, the Les Demoiselles is the first ever cubism painting done by Pablo Picasso.

There is much more to see and experience in the Picasso museum, which is situated right at the heart of the Le Marais district. Get in touch with your Paris tours guide today and be ready for an exotic trip to the Pablo Picasso museum.