3 Fascinating Things about the British Museum

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British Museum Facts

British Museum is one of the oldest, biggest, and most popular museums around the world and it houses an extensive collection of valuable historical objects. If you are planning to visit London, then going on a British Museum guided tour with your friends or family members should be on top of your list of things to do while you are in London.

The British Museum of London lures in approximately 7 million visitors every year, which means that it will be always crowded. However, you will be easily able to beat the crowd with a little bit of planning. Below are a few interesting facts about the British Museum that you should certainly know before visiting the museum.

Natural Lighting

Until the 19th century, natural light was the only means used for lighting the museum. The authorities decided not to use gas lamps, oil lamps, and candles in the galleries due to the fear of fire accidents. Consequently, the British Museum was often closed early in winter season because the availability of light was limited or poor during the season. However, the authorities later decided to install electrical lighting in the building, which made the British Museum the first public building in the city with electrical lighting.

Evacuation of the Collections

The collections housed in the museum were originally evacuated by the officials during the Second World War to preserve them. The National Library of Wales and the British Museum together worked on a bombproof tunnel at Aberystwyth. However, the authorities decided to place the heavy sculptures at the Aldwych Tube tunnel, as these items couldn’t make the journey. Unfortunately, not everything was saved and the museum lost approximately 250,000 books due to an air raid.

Film Set

You might be already aware of the fact that the British Museum has played a noteworthy role in the film world. In fact, more than 10 Hollywood films were shot here. Cameras first arrived at this famous museum for “The Wakefield Cause” back in the year 1921. If you are taking your kids to the museum, then they might recognize the museum from the 2014 Hollywood blockbuster “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.” In fact, more than 50 film crews visit the museum every year to film music videos, films, documentaries, and more.