3 Things To Do In Paris This Summer

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Well, it’s that time of the year where the day seems never ending. You see the scorching sun grin from ear to ear. Your ice cream seems to melt away to a puddle before you can give it a second lick. You feel the perspiration build up on your brow, and you make a pity attempt at blowing into your shirt. Alas, all in vain! Nothing seems to help in taking your mind off of this dastardly heat!

But wait. You stare into the distant horizon, and a mirage appears.

A mirage of a magnificent concrete jungle. Only that it isn’t all a mirage…It is in fact the city of romance beckoning you to it. Calling you…

As they say, Paris has something for everyone! If you’re a connoisseur of the various gastronomic treats, then you’ll feel at home. You like gazing into the expanse of colour, texture and the subtle nuances of the work of artist young and old? We have that covered as well. Read on to know, 3 things that Paris can offer you, to let the summer months pass by in a flash.

  • The Chasse Aux Trésors De Paris (Scavenger Hunt In Paris)

It has turned into one of the main events in the capital. Sort of like a treasure hunt! People walk all across the city in the pursuit of finding clues cleverly hidden all over. You can venture out alone, or with a group. From kids to adult, all are welcome. So to awaken the Sherlock within you, head over Paris tours now!

  • French National Day Concert

The French national day is on the 14th of July and this is one day that holds very close significance to the French. The night sky is set ablaze by fireworks called Trocadéro. Several classical bands march out in unison creating what can only be called a festive performance and a warm atmosphere!

  • Paris Plage

Would like to be at a beach, but also not at the beach at the same time? Apart from the Paris walking tours and visiting the various museums, have a look at what Paris Plage has to offer!

Whether it is swimming or getting a nice tan while you recline on the deck chairs, you can enjoy countless hours of fun while you leisurely enjoy the summer heat. The make shift beach does the job in convincing you that, you are in fact sitting beside the crashing waves!