5 Must See Tourist Attractions in London

London Walking Tours
London Walking Tours

Tourist Attractions In London

London is one of the largest cities in the world and approximately 8 million people reside in this beautiful place. London is a leading global city of fashion, trade, politics, finance, and culture, which is one of the major reasons why millions of international tourists visit London often.

There are numerous famous landmarks in the city and each one of them is an absolute treat for travel enthusiasts. However, London is always a bit crowded, which means that you will have to initially prepare a list of places you want to see while you are on a London old city tour and plan the trip efficiently. Below are five of the most famous tourist attractions in the city that you must include in your London walking tours schedule.

Westminster Abbey

The large gothic church in the city, Westminster Abbey, is located west of the Palace of Westminster in London. This is a sight you do not want to miss. The religious building has served as a place of coronation for decades and it was used as a burial site for both British and English monarchs. King Henry III built this elegant historical church back in the 12th century.

Palace of Westminster

The Palace of Westminster, which is popularly known as Houses of Parliament among tourists, is actually the seat of parliament in the U.K. This building is one of the classic examples of Victorian neo-Gothic architecture. Make sure to visit the House of Lords and House of Commons while you are visiting the Palace.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Built in the 17th century, St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most famous attractions of London walking tours. The impressive dome housed in the structure was actually inspired by the Rome’s St Peter’s Basilica, and British firefighters bravely saved this cathedral from a bombing during the Second World War.

Tower Bridge

The combined suspension and bascule bridge in the city of London, which is located over the famous river Thames, is popularly known as the Tower Bridge. It took approximately eight years to finish the Tower Bridge construction, and today, it is considered an iconic symbol of the city.

Tower of London

The Tower of London, which is now home to the British Crown Jewels, was originally built by William the Conqueror in 1078. The tower was initially used as a prison from early 11th century to the mid-20th century, and it is known to have held captive Rudolph Hess, King Henry VI, Sir Thomas More, Anne Boleyn, and many more as prisoners.