Private Tour British Museum with your Kids

Private Tour British Museum

Rosetta Stone

It is true that the British Museum can be a little bit overwhelming to you when you are on going on your first private tour British Museum. This is because this famous museum is large and always a bit crowded, which is the major reason why tourists prefer not to take their kids with them when they are visiting British Museum.

Several tourists also have a misconception that their kids will not find the museum interesting. However, the reality is that kids will enjoy a British Museum tour, as there are a number of exciting things to see here. Yet again, you will still have to beat the crowd and compile a list of things you want to see when you are going on a private tour British Museum.

Below are a few things your kids might find interesting in the British Museum.

Nereid Monument (Xanthos Tomb)

The Nereid Monument might look like a small Greek temple from a distance, but it is actually a tomb built in early 4th century BC by a Xanthos ruler, Arbinas. This elegant tomb, which is built in classic Greek architectural style, contains ionic columns and life-size Nereids (sea nymphs) between them. The Nereid Monument will be an awesome sight for your kids and they will love to stay around it for a while to admire its beauty and elegance.

Elgin Marbles: Centaur and Lapith Sculptures

The Elgin Marbles in Room 18 of the British museum is where you should ago after seeing the Xanthos Tomb. The sculptures in the room from the Parthenon are a figure of controversy, as several archeologists claim that they should be located in Greece instead of Britain. However, no matter who has them, they are well protected at the right humidity and temperature by the authorities because they look stunning even in their ruined state.

Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone won’t amaze most kids at the initial sight, but if you tell them a bit about the discovery of the stone and how it helped archeologists to crack Egyptian hieroglyphs, then they will find it a lot more intriguing. So, learn whatever you can about Rosetta Stone before you go on a private tour British Museum, because it will help you to engage and entertain your kids for sure.