Visiting the Kensington Gardens: A Rewarding Experience in London

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Kensington Gardens In London

London is one such place where you can still find traces of royalty in its architecture, arts, and culture. In fact, the city has numerous buildings and places that testify to its still existing noble heritage such as the Buckingham Palace. One such place to visit for enjoying this royal touch and natural beauty is the Kensington gardens. Featured in most of the London walking tours, the Kensington gardens have become a popular destination for visitors.

The lavishly laid out lawns and trees of this garden promise a truly relaxing experience to the visitors. The Kensington gardens are an extension of the Hyde Park and are a part of the private gardens of the Kensington Palace. The garden covers an area of 300 acres and its origins are traced back to the year 1728. The design of the gardens had undergone several modifications over the years.

The Park

The parks are an excellent way for visitors to take a stroll amidst its carefully laid down walkways and stretches of green. Open to the public for free round the year, the gardens are an excellent way to relax and rejuvenate. It is popular amidst both the visitors and natives wishing to take a break from the commotion of the city.

One of the major attractions in the park is the famed Italian gardens. Originally, a gift from Prince Albert to Queen Victoria, this garden is unique in the fact that it still contains a steam-powered engine to pump water to the fountains.

Albert Memorial

The Albert Memorial is another spectacular site in the Kensington gardens. It is a memorial dedicated to commemorating the death of Prince Albert. Visiting this memorial enriches one with valuable information about the legacy of this pioneering aristocrat and celebrates the achievements of the Victorian era. Visitors can also take part in the guided tour to fully view this remarkable memorial.

Serpentine Galleries

Located at the Kensington Gardens is the Serpentine Gallery, which is a major center for displaying contemporary art. Patrons of the arts will find the serpentine galleries a truly rewarding experience while on a visit to the gardens. These galleries will also conduct several exhibitions each year based on various contemporary arts and architecture depending on the seasons.

Kensington Palace

The Kensington Palace is yet another popular attraction in the gardens. It is now the royal residence of William and Kate, the Duke, and Duchess of Cambridge. Some portions of this palace are open to the visitors providing them with an opportunity to view it and understand the royal life and its rich history.


Several monuments are spread across the Kensington gardens. This includes Queen Victoria’s famous marble statue and a bronze statue of King William III. A Peter Pan statue is also situated in the gardens and a sculpture of Henry Moore that will certainly interest visitors.