Weird Events to Explore in your London Tour

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Events to Explore

Are you a fan of weird and wonderful events? If yes, you will need to visit the city of London as the city is hosting many weird and exciting events this summer. If you are planning to go on private walking tours of London, do not forget to check out the below listed events that are going on in the city of London this time of the year.

World Gravy Wrestling Championships in Lancashire

The gravy wrestling championship is known as the weirdest sports and pastime of London. Probably, this will be the quirkiest events that you will see this summer. The championship will take place on August 28, 2017 and in the event, fearless contestants will line up to fight it out in a pool filled with Lancashire gravy.

Bouncy Castle in Margate

The world’s biggest bouncy castle will come to Dreamland Margate this summer. The mammoth castle will stay for two weeks at the Kent attraction from August 12 to 26, 2017. The bouncy castle is filled with 1143 cubic meters of air and measures twenty-one square meters. The height of the castle is thirteen meters at the highest point and is capable of accommodating about hundred persons at a time.

Adult Ice Cream in Durham

Adults visiting the Seaham hall will be able to enjoy a different ice cream experience. The coastal retreat will introduce many creatively flavored ice creams, range of frozen cocktails and boozy nitrogen ice creams. There will also be many chilled delights like Tahitian vanilla ice cream, Ethiopian coffee, Tonka bean, and Summer Garden liquid nitrogen ice cream. The cabins will be open on all Fridays and Saturdays throughout the summer months.

Ghost Walk in Brighton

Brighton is believed to be one of the most haunted British neighborhoods. The place has been home to many ghost sightings and manifestations that include an adventurer ghost, ghost of a girl, and even a flirtatious one. Get to the place to take part in a paranormal tour that will take you through the eerie history of the place. In your tour of the place, you will learn about the dead and the places where they met their ends.

Tiny Goats in Hampshire

Goat Yoga, simply called Goga, is the most happening thing in London now. The city hosts many yoga with goats classes that combines the benefits of yoga and animal therapy. There are classes taking place in Portsmouth and Southampton. These classes are conducted in rooms where small, goats wander among forward bends and downward dogs. These classes are good for yogis who are furry animal lovers.