5 Activities to Enjoy at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

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Galeries Lafayette is a famous French department store chain that fashionistas truly adore. Even tourists know about it, although few feel the inclination to spend time checking out the latest fads when they should be visiting sights and dining on good food. At least those that believe the place is simply about getting dressed up and paying outrageously high prices for clothing.

As it turns out, Galeries Lafayette has one of the best rooftop views within 5 miles of the Louvre Museum. Set on the 7th level of La Coupole, it offers scenery the likes of which can put a smile on the faces of the most fastidious sightseers. The huge terrace gives you one of the best vantages of the City of Lights from that height, but then, the view is not the only thing you can enjoy while you are there after a Louvre Museum tour.

Tasting Wine & Cheese

The third floor of this building holds L’Appartement Lafayette, where they hold a world-renowned masterclass on pairing all the most important types of wines and cheeses. Wine and cheese are French staples, so having an evening class devoted to them makes plenty of sense. A two-hour session under an oenologist gets you familiarized with the main flavor bases, opening your tongue and nose to a whole new world.

Learning French Macaron Baking

The French Macaron Baking Class gives you the opportunity to become an specialist at whipping up one of the city’s favorite sweet treats – macarons. The best part is that you get to leave with a box full of Do-It-Yourself macarons at the end of it all.

Attending a Fashion Show

You probably guessed there was at least one fashion show held regularly in this building, and you were right. Starting 03:00 pm on Fridays and 11:00 am on Saturdays, you have the chance to lay eyes on the most haute couture fads, displayed at the catwalk show. Fashionistas would rather be nowhere else.

Enjoying Architecture and History

If you are an architecture buff, you should avail yourself of an extensive visit of this huge Haussmannian building. No Instagrammer would be unmoved by the beautiful glass dome, and learning the history of the place can make for an afternoon well spent.