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The Christian Dior exhibit has been featuring at the Musée des Art Décoratifs in Paris from July 05, 2017 and prolongs until January 07, 2018. The exhibit is worth a visit, especially if you are a lover of fashion. Celebrating the fashion designer’s finest works, the exhibit comes to Paris since it was last held in the City of Lights on Christian Dior’s 70th birthday. Henceforth, the exhibit is well worth the wait for both Parisians and tourists on a Louvre Museum tour and Paris tours.

Hollywood celebrity cum the ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’ fame Audrey Hepburn features in the exhibit in her black dress, which exemplifies Christian Dior’s legacy. Since the 1950’s, the outfit has been a trend in the fashion world going on to influence styles for the decades to come. The exhibit also provides an overview of Dior’s successors, which includes Yves Saint Laurent, John Galliano, and Gianfranco Ferré, alongside a throwback of the Christian Dior brand.

The ‘Couturier du Rêve’ thematic works take those on a visit to more than 300 haute couture gowns and over 1000 accessories all spanning from Dior’s 1947 collections to the present day. One of the more fascinating portions of the exhibit is titled ‘Colorama’, which packs in replica outfits, and sample accessories defying chronology, but bringing a touch of elegant colors. Christian Dior was a firm believer of colors on outfits and their transformative powers, and the exhibit pays a tribute to that.

Another one of those spellbinding rooms serves as more of a throwback to the Dior Gardens. Once you step into that section of the exhibit devoted to Christian Dior at Le Musée des Art Décoratifs, you can virtually smell the fragrance of the brand. The displays on Dior Gardens recap the French designer’s personal collections throwing a glimpse of his affinity for haute couture, their fragrance, and why women love wearing the fashionable clothes. It culminates in a fine display of outfits worn by Hollywood actor Natalie Portman the face of Miss Dior adverts.

Ensure to have sufficient time for a walkthrough of both sections of the exhibit, which is still worth a take when on Paris walking tours. If you are into fun facts, a soothsayer once told Dior, “You will be penniless, but women will be good to you and it is thanks to them that you will succeed,” a saying that still rings too good to be true in the world of fashion.