Fun Facts on the French Museums

Louvre Museum Tour
Louvre Museum Tour

French Museum Facts

Parisians work throughout the week and visit the Louvre museum especially during Sunday afternoons. That is the time, when crowds turn up in huge numbers – not just Parisians, but people from all around the world. Below are some fun facts on French museums opened for public access in Paris city.

Evading the Bustling Crowd on Weekdays

On Mondays, the Louvre Museum is filled easily mostly because the Musée d’Orsay museum stays closed. The crowds do the exact reverse on the subsequent day, which is Tuesday, in which the Louvre closes. To visit both these museums in a peaceful way on weekdays, better go in early before Parisians show up neatly dressed in suits. Visiting during late hours can be a fun filled activity for tourists.

Accessing Museums can be as Chilled out as Paris City Tours

Adults residing in the European Union can enter most of the museums by showing their ID card. The condition is that they have to be below 26 years of age to get tickets at a discounted price. Otherwise, there is a frequent pass called the “Paris Museum Pass” that allows you access to more than 60 museums in Paris. With the pass, you can skip the line, even though cost differs from museum to museum.

Taking the Tour Guide Along

Tour guides are experts in both English and French. Tourists picking up audio tapes get instructions in many languages, but that cannot replace having personal guides. They are the ones who channels visitors through museum corridors and pass on the relevant information. Some guides also study your personality and help find the ideal museum that matches yours.

Visit Other Museums in Paris

Part museum and part monumental peace center, the Musée de l’Orangerie is renowned for impressionism era paintings. Visiting the place would be a great experience for sure. Additionally, there is a museum named after Rodin in District 7. Tourists go there to study Rodin sculptures, or to walk the garden, which is open every day except Monday.