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Louvre Museum Hosts its First Fashion Show

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The Louvre museum Paris has hosted its first fashion show for Louis Vuitton. This was one of the highlights of Paris Fashion Week and it was a win-win deal for both the Louis Vuitton fashion house and the world famous museum. The show has put the museum center stage as Paris Fashion Week draws celebrities, journalists, and many fashion professionals from all across the world.

It is not unusual for famous museums to be the venue of fashion shows. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has been a venue for large-scale runway presentations of the London Fashion Week. The Louvre museum will be a venue for the high-profile fashion brands and highlights young designers. However, this is the first time that Louvre museum has opened its doors to a fashion show.

Michael Burke, who is the chief executive officer of Louis Vuitton said that by hosting the fashion show in the museum, they are helping to rehabilitate the reputation of the city by “promoting brand Paris.” “People forget that until the 19th century, half of the Louvre was dedicated to industry and craft. It wasn’t always about the high art we find on its walls today,” Burke explained.

According to the words of the head designer, the fashion collection had a social message of unity for the city of Paris. “My intention is purely to show how migration and multiculturalism have always informed fashion and how it’s all the better for it,” Burke said. “Paris has always been a welcoming city for fashion and it should remain so. Fashion is a frontier, it should have no borders.”

It is not yet clear if the Louvre Museum will be renting out its halls every Paris Fashion week, but fashion collaborations have been much successful for the Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as for the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Despite the struggle of the Louvre with the decline in visitor figures, it seems that the museum is getting a taste of success. This is because the staff members of the museum were struggling hard to manage the crowd at the recent exhibition “Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting” that was conducted at Louvre. So, if you are planning to go on Louvre museum tour, this would be the best time to visit the place.