Visiting The Mona Lisa During The Louvre Museum Tour

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Louvre Museum Tour

Louvre Museum Tour

The Louvre museum tour is a must for anyone visiting Paris as it is one of the major attractions of the city. It is the most famous museum in the world as it exhibits some of the world-famous artworks. Mona Lisa, also known as Giocondo, is one among them, and it is on the bucket list of almost everyone visiting the museum. It is extremely popular that there are people who buy Louvre tickets just to have a glance at the lady in the painting. Shared below are the tips that will help you to enjoy your visit to the Louvre museum.

Learn About The Mona Lisa Before Your Visit

Why Is The Mona Lisa Famous?

The dimensions of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre are 77 cm x 53 cm, and it is usually displayed from behind an armored glass shield to prevent any potential theft of the painting. This is because there had been multiple attempts to steal it over the years. The Mona Lisa was painted by the great renaissance artist and polymath Leonardo da Vinci between the years 1503 to 1506. He was commissioned by the nobleman Francesco del Giocondo to make the portrait of his wife who is the subject of the now world-famous painting.

The Mona Lisa became world-famous after it was stolen in 1911 by one of the employees of the Louvre; he kept the painting in his Paris apartment for two years. He believed that the painting belonged to Florence in Italy. So, he attempted to sell the painting to an art gallery in the Italian city, but the owner of the art gallery informed the authorities about this. Finally, in 1914, the Mona Lisa was returned to the Louvre. This scandal was spread by the global media and it made the Mona Lisa famous across the globe.

How Was The Mona Lisa Painted?

The Mona Lisa is an important stop for art connoisseurs in their Paris tours. It is a masterpiece where Leonardo da Vinci used the sfumato painting technique, i.e. the paint was applied in layers making it a slow process. This was the primary reason that it took him three years to complete the painting.

Try To Interpret The Mona Lisa

Before visiting the Giocondo at the Louvre, read interpretations about it by famous art critics. This will help you to come to your conclusions when you look at the details in the painting. For many art connoisseurs, the Mona Lisa is an expression of serenity; looking at the painting creates the feeling of interaction with the subject in the painting.

These are some of the important points that you must keep in mind when viewing the Mona Lisa during your Louvre museum tour.