A Different Perspective on City Of Lights

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Paris Tour Attractions

Paris, the City of Lights will definitely be one of the dream destinations for most of us. The Iconic Eiffel Tower, Seine River, Louvre Museum, and other major attractions will invite you to the city for sure. However, there are certain places in this beautiful city that are not popular among tourists. These less explored places portray Paris in a different angle and will give tourists a totally different perspective on the City of Lights. So stretch out your borders and unfurl the secrets over here during your next Paris tours. Some treasured, yet not-so-popular places in the city of lights are the following.

The Dodo Manege

The Dodo Manege, situated along the bank of the Seine River is a unique carousel that will let you ride the endangered and extinct species including a giant dodo bird and panda. This ride, which was opened in 1992 is highly popular among kids. On top of that, the Dodo carousel offers a unique way of learning about the endangered and extinct species along with the fun and entertainment.

Furthermore, you can step down here on your way to the natural history museum as they are in the walkable distance. Below are some animals in the Dodo Manege.

  • The Barbary lion
  • The Thylacine
  • The Aepyornis
  • The Horned Turtle
  • Triceratops

Sewers of Paris

The Parisian sewer was constructed in 1855 under the order of Napoleon-III as a part of traffic circulation and city sanitation. In a French historical novel called Less Miserables, it is stated that, “Paris has another Paris under herself, a Paris of sewers, which has its streets, its crossings, its squares, its blind alleys, its arteries and its circulation which is slime, minus the human form”.

The Parisian sewers are open to the public and small locomotive-drawn wagons were used originally for transportation here. One of the main attractions in this place is the giant balls that are used to clean the tunnels of the sewer system. The big spheres are forced through the tunnel by the water pressure built-up behind them. The spheres gradually end up somewhere downstream expelling the filthy sludge.

Point Zero

Point Zero is a small octagonal brass plate embedded on the concrete of public square and is considered as the official center of Paris. It marks exact point from which all the distances throughout France from Paris are measured equally. This point is located in front of the iconic Norte Dame Cathedral.

Besides being kilometer zero for France, the point also attracts some unique local rituals. Some of the most common rituals carried out around this marker include

  • Spinning a coin or stepping a foot on the point to fulfill your desires
  • Kissing your loved ones for eternal love