A Spotlight on Quirky and Eccentric Shops in Paris

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Paris, the romantic destination, is famous for its fashion sense and renowned art museums. There are many high-end designers from here who are highly recognized in international markets. People always dream of exploring their delightful shops, and to purchase the stuff here.

However, Paris is not just all about these high-end shops; this place is famous for its bizarre shops as well. During your next Paris city tours, make sure that you explore these shops for an exciting and memorable trip. Below are some of the quirky places in Paris that you can visit during your next Paris private tour.


This shop on the west edge of the stylish St Germain des Pres area was founded in 1831. Deyrolle features a cabinet of curiosities with a weird appeal from the past eras. The objects showcased in this weird shop are mainly insects, animals, minerals, and rocks. Be sure that you have enough courage to witness the creepy things here before you go.

You can see quirky things in every nook and cranny of this shop, like stuffed warthogs and kangaroos, shark teeth, a huge butterfly and beetle collection, corals, stuffed birds, etc. You can also purchase certain things from here if you want to highlight your living room with some eccentric pieces.

L’Object qui Parle

L’Object qui Parle is one of the weirdest vintage shops in Paris. This small shop in Montmartre that will be overwhelming for all those people who are clutter-shy or who like to keep things organized. L’Object qui Parle is crammed with many vintage items that include antique bottles, chandeliers, colorful flags, kitschy and Virgin Mary figurines, and other religious stuff.

This is one of the best places to browse and buy great stuff, but is costly as all the things here are authentically French and one-of-a-kind. Furthermore, browsing things in this jam-packed shop will be a hectic task.

Comptoir General

This is one of the hidden gems, found in the courtyard of Canal St Martin. Comptoir General is a multifunctional and creative communal space that functions as a concert space, bar, thrift store, community center, and cabinet of curiosities. Inside this place, you can see many tall trees and other exotic plants, along with retro kitchen tables and ragged leather couches where you can savor a tropical cocktail or a mint tea.

Other than the bar, the place is divided into many rooms. Out of these, you can see a room with school furnishings and classroom setup of 1950’s, a room of used books, clothing, and records, and a room crammed with animal skulls, magnifying glasses, gemstones, and other bizarre objects.