A Trip to the Popular Montmartre Neighborhood of Paris

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Paris Tourist Attractions

Paris is popular for an overwhelming range of attractions such as museums, natural landscapes, architectural aesthetics, outstanding cuisine, vacation spots, and whatnot. One of the major factors that can make your Paris city tours an ever-memorable affair is the Parisian neighborhood tours. In fact, it can be said that a Paris city tour is never complete without exploring some of its inimitable neighborhoods. Do you know that many localities in the capital city of France are reinventing themselves constantly to cater to the needs of millennial travelers? One of the most popular neighborhoods in Paris that can be found on the tour itinerary of almost every traveler is Montmartre.


The incredible art scene of Paris is one of the major highlights here and is accessible throughout the city. One of the perfect spots to enjoy this impressive art culture is Montmartre. It is to be noted that the outstanding cobblestone pathways of Montmartre are bustling with talented street artists, budding artists who try to replicate the breathtaking views of the region on their canvass, and exclusive sculptures.

Note that these three are not the only highlights here. As you delve into the historical past of the region, you will be amazed by various facts and attractive artworks. It is better to discover the present-day character of the neighborhood and indulge in some unique activities when in Montmartre to discover some appealing historical facts about the place.

Things to do when in Montmartre

Explore Musée de Montmartre

If you are a history buff or architecture lover or if you love venturing amazing museums, paying a visit to the Montmartre museum will be just perfect. In fact, this is the best way to discover the secrets of this impressive district. This museum is located atop the hill of Montmartre. Furthermore, 14 most popular French personalities including Renoir, Valadon, Rufy, Poulbot, etc., have lived here. Delve into their artworks at this bohemian corner that is enhanced perfectly by the rustic ambiance.

Montmartre Cemetery

Unlike most people think, every cemetery is not just a spooky place that so dark and eerie, especially the Parisian cemeteries. You can find a touch of art even on the tomb structures here. Rather than depression, exploring a cemetery in Paris means inspiration and cultural diversity. Furthermore, Montmartre Cemetery, which is popularly known as the Père Lachaise, is the final resting place of numerous literary artists such as Edgar Degas, Émile Zola, Alexandre Dumas, etc. Without any doubts, including Père Lachaise visit in your tour itinerary will be perfect if you love to go off the beaten path.