Mysterious Artworks of the Louvre Museum

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The Louvre Museum is probably the most important building in Paris. The compilation of artworks from around the world is enough to mesmerize someone who has no previous experience with art. The collection includes 460,000 valuable pieces spread out across six departments. However, you need to bear in mind that there are several mysteries surrounding certain artifacts in the Louvre. Below is a discussion on some of those mysterious artworks and artifacts of the museum.

The Sculpture of Death

The sculpture of death is a fear-inducing masterpiece that you can enjoy when you tour Louvre museum. The work was brought in from the grave of Saint Innocent, who passed away in 1530 at Ile de France.

Sarcophagus of Philippe Pot (Medieval Section)

The tomb of Philippe Pot is one that is spooky in its appearance. Philippe Pot was the son of a crusader and a knight who lived from 1428 to 1493. The mausoleum of Pot is depicted in the Louvre as being carried by highly realistic and scary crusader figures.

The Cruel Queen Catherine De Medicine (1518-1589)

Catherine de Medicine was a member of the Medici family. She was married to France’s King Henry II at an age of 14. After her husband died, she became the ruler of France and committed several acts of cruelty including large-scale massacres.

This was seen as a way in which she exacted revenge for staying with her husband and his lover who was 20 years older than him. This spooky sculpture was built before her death to be installed on her grave.

Headless Ave

This is a sculpture, which speaks of the miracle of Valerie, who was the saint of the city of Limoge. The Romans tried to marry her off to a non-Christian against her will. Eventually, she was killed when she opposed this, and it is said that she carried her head in her hand.

The Body with Worms of Countess Jeanne (1465-1521)

The sculpture of Countess Jeanne is also one that invokes extreme emotions in the viewer. In this sculpture, worms are depicted as coming out of her rotten face and internal organs. She was the grandmother of Queen Catherine. She was also not very different from her cruel granddaughter. She was married at an age of 22 to the Duke of Bourbon whose age was also 22 at the time.