Tips to Make your Paris Picnic Memorable

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Picnicking is considered as a national activity in France, particularly in Paris. This tradition dates back to the days of French Revolution when the royal parks and gardens were opened to the public. Today, picnicking in the City of Lights is a lot more than just throwing a couple of sandwiches, a bag of chips, and some cocks into a grocery sack. Just like all other French things, there are a few rules on how to pack a perfect Paris picnic.

The finest places to have Parisian picnics include gardens, parks and along the water. However, most tourists who are going on their first Paris tour will have no clue on how to plan a perfect Paris picnic. Yet if you already have a location in mind, take a look at the tips given below to make your Paris picnic a lot more eventful.

Picnic Supplies

The basic things that you need for a perfect Paris picnic are wine, bread, cheese, and meat. Make sure to look for a wide variety of wine, cheese, meat, and bread, and take them along with you when you are going on a picnic, as it will help you to enjoy the taste offered by different food items in the city.


Bread is one of the most integral parts of a Paris picnic. Make sure to try Baguette de Tradition and Baguette Ordinaire while you are in Paris. These varieties of Parisian bread are usually golden brown in appearance and they instantly produce a crunchy sound when squeezed.


There are plenty of different varieties of excellent cheeses available in the city. If you are a little bit confused on what type of cheese to select while you are going on a picnic, then seek the help of a local Parisian. Some of the most popular go-to picnic cheeses are Brie de Meaux, Crottin de Chavignol, and Comté.


Mousse, saucisson, jambon, boudin, rillettes, terrines, and Pâtés are some of the most popular meat choices when it comes to picnicking in Paris. You will find countless variations of seasonings and meats in the city, but it is best to settle for something familiar.

Fruits and Vegetables

Parisians have an undeniable obsession with fresh fruits and vegetables. So, you will be easily able to find a store that sells fresh fruits and vegetables. Make sure to buy berries, cherry tomatoes, cherries, pears, cucumbers, and baby carrots, as they will offset the calorie consumption from meats, fat cheese, and bread.