3 Common Tourist Mistakes to Avoid During Paris Walking Tours

Paris Walking Tours

Common Tourist Mistakes

Going on Paris walking tours for the first time can be a little bit overwhelming for some tourists, particularly for the ones who are not from Europe. Most tourists have a clear idea of the places that they wanted to visit and the things they wish to do while they are visiting the City of Lights. Unfortunately, some of them pay less attention or they fail to take note of the things that they shouldn’t do when they are going on Paris walking tours. Below are a few common mistakes made by tourists during their first Paris tour. Ensure a delightful and smooth trip by avoiding these few mistakes.

Not Using the Paris Pass

If you want to save money and time while you are visiting the Paris, it is best to purchase the Paris Pass. This sightseeing card offers you entry to more than 60 famous tourist attractions including a free River cruise, a free bus tour, and plenty more. If you are trying not to break your pre-planned budget, then a Paris Pass will certainly come in handy.

Not Staying in a Central Location

Many tourists have a misconception that all the hotels in the central location of the city are highly expensive. It is true that these hotels are a bit expensive than the ones near Disney Paris, but traveling to the city every day is also expensive. In addition to that, traveling can also eat up a considerable amount of your valuable time. Therefore, it is best to find an affordable hotel near the central location of Paris.

Taking Taxi Rides

It is significant to note that the taxis in the City of Lights are quite expensive. This is why you should never use taxis to get around the city. Instead, you could try the well-designed metro system, which allows tourists to get around the city quickly at cheap prices. Moreover, Paris Pass holders will be able to use their unlimited Transit Travelcard to go from place to another.

In addition to that, you should also buy a French phrase book and learn a few common phrases before visiting the city. Get in touch with your Paris walking tours guide for more tips.