Adventurous Things to Do in Paris

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If the spectacular monuments, charming buildings, pleasant cafes and picturesque places of Paris do not satisfy you and you are searching for something more adventurous and thrilling, then you are at the right place. We will tell you some interesting activities that you can do in Paris, if you are someone who thirst for adventure. Following are some exciting activities you can do in Paris that will leave you at the edge. Check them out and make your Paris tours the most memorable.

Fly an Airliner

Ever dreamt of becoming a pilot? Then this is the best opportunity to make your dream come true. Experience the thrill of flying an airliner while sitting comfortably in the cockpit of a Boeing 737. Make your childhood fantasy come true.

Meet Zombies

Want to have the bone-chilling experience of meeting a zombie? Then go to the Manoir de Paris. This place if designed for those who are fans of horror movies. There will be ghosts, bloody countesses, zombies, murderous clowns and damned souls in the place. It will be a terrifying experience to find your way around while they try to scare you. This experience will make even the most courageous ones to quiver. This place is for you if you are daring to live in a zombie movie.

Thrilling Rollercoaster Rides

Be ready for a head spinning experience. This will be one of the biggest thrills of your life. If you are not scared to go on a rollercoaster ride, then head to Parc Astérix and get on the Goudurix rollercoaster that has 7 spinning loops which will leave you to scream your heart out. There is also an inverted rollercoaster Oziris, which provides you an exhilarating experience by propelling you along at 90 kilometers per hour with your feet in the vacuum.

See Paris by Helicopter

Want to see the magnificent view of Paris city from the sky. Board on a Helipass helicopter and admire the beauty of this spectacular city from above. This will be one of the wonderful experiences that you will get in Paris.

If you are an adventure lover and want to experience Paris in a thrilling way, checkout these options. They are some of the best and thrilling experiences that you can get in Paris, that will pump your blood and make you to scream with excitement. Try to experience at least one of these activities on Paris tours, as they are a different way to enjoy the soul of Paris.