An Ultimate Packing List for your Paris Walking Tours

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If you are looking forward to going on a private Paris tour shortly, there will be a ton of things to plan. Some of those factors include the tour itinerary, type of tour, packing, grooming up, shopping, etc. Most people may obviously give more prominence to the latter options. After all, you are going to venture the fashion capital and a little bit of preps are mandatory. Usually, people may get confused, stuck, and frustrated when they begin their packing, especially on their maiden Paris trip. This is mainly because of their enthusiasm and inability to decide on the things that they must and must not carry while traveling. If you are also facing such a dilemma, you may refer to the following points that will give you a clear idea regarding the stuff that should make its way to your luggage, as well as that, should not.

First, let us start with a couple of things that most people prefer to carry, but is a sheer packing blunder. So, make sure to leave the following things back at your place when you set off on your dream Paris walking tours.


Some people may carry a box of candy and certain food dishes or snacks on their trip so that they can have it whenever they get hungry. Note that Paris is extremely popular when it comes to the culinary culture and international gastronomy and the city has everything that can satisfy the hunger pangs of each and every visitor. Rather than carrying the food that you enjoy every day, consider exploring the authentic and exotic Parisian food dishes for a change. You can find food and beverages that suit the budget and taste preferences of every single traveler in the French capital for sure.

Bulky Books

It is true that most people out there love reading books, especially while traveling. This does not mean that you must carry bulky books everywhere you go. This will increase the weight of your backpack and will also consume more space making it crowded and allotting less room for your essential stuff. So, either select some small books or consider e-books, which will be more convenient and hassle-free.

Too Many Clothes

One of the biggest packing blunders that most people, especially women used to make on their Paris trip is carrying too many clothes. Obviously, you would be intimidated by the idea of exploring the fashion capital, but it does not mean that you must always doll up like a supermodel on your holidays. Needless to mention, you cannot stay comfortable in such clothes on your Paris walking tours since you will be continuously traveling. Therefore, consider the apparels that are appealing, but lightweight, comfortable, and easy-to-match. Besides, most Parisian hotels tend to offer free laundry service to their customers and hence, you will be good to go even with less number of clothes. Plus, the option of purchasing amazing cheap dresses from the Parisian flea markets is always open.

Now, let us move on to a number of things that are really important for your Paris city tours.

A Small Backpack

The first essential that tops the list will be a backpack. Always carry a backpack with you on your Paris tours. A tote bag is also a nice option, but it will not be equally comfortable and convenient as a backpack. However, make sure to take a smaller bag that you can handle easily and accommodate all your necessary stuff. Besides, there will be security checks at the entrance of almost every national monument. While they simply browse through you smallbags, they might ask you to empty your giant bags at times. Undoubtedly, it will consume a good amount of your time to empty as well as to put back all the things into your bag. In short, your holidays will be much comfortable with a small backpack.


Of course, you must carry a decent camera on your Paris tours. After all, you are going to travel around one of the most aesthetically appealing cities in the world. Capturing all the beautiful moments that you spent in the City of Lights will let you seal all those moments for eternity. However, make sure to keep a small camera that offers a decent resolution, not the giant ones that professionals usually carry. Similarly, try to limit the associated gadgets. Note that a USB cable, camera charger, and a tripod will be enough for your Paris trip.

Power Bank

The phone is one of the most important and multifunctional thing that you may use frequently. Hence, never board on your Paris flight without a reliable power bank. It is to be noted that you might use your phone for a number of purposes such as chatting, video calls, photography, internet browsing, and whatnot. So, the chances for it to run out of charge are more. So, a lightweight and slim power bank will come handy in such situations. Besides, carry a universal charger because your charger pin may not necessarily fit into every European plug socket. If you have a compact and reliable universal charger, you can always count on it.

Keep in mind these points when you start packing your Paris trip and make it a memorable one.