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There are numerous Michelin-star restaurants with excellent facilities in Paris. If you are on your Paris tour, you will never find it difficult to choose a restaurant where you can dine. However, if you are traveling on a budget, some of these restaurants may not be affordable for you. It is for this reason that there are many budget restaurants in the city. If you choose to eat at one of these budget restaurants, you need not have to empty your wallet or bank for the same.

Here are some of the best budget hotels in Paris where you might choose to dine while on your Paris walking tours.

L’As du Fallafel

This is a restaurant, which is small but very popular among the locals and the tourists. It is one of the main locations in the Marais Street. Your tour to Paris may be incomplete without a visit to this restaurant. The restaurant is famous for its falafel wraps. In the restaurant, the chickpea fritters are freshly cooked covered with soft pita bread filled with the essentials and spiced. There is a seating arrangement in the restaurant. However, most of the people choose to grab the food and enjoy it while walking down the street.

The Grilled Cheese Factory

This is the restaurant, which will satisfy the Americans visiting Paris on a tour. In this restaurant, one can get American fast food. Grilled cheese sandwiches of the American style are the main attraction here. The Parisian preparation of this food will conquer your heart if you love to have American foods. The sandwiches are made with fresh items produced in France. Mac and cheese along with onions which are caramelized, pepper sauce and smoked turkey, fig jam, spinach, and goat’s cheese are all stuffed into the thick bread cut in American style. You may also choose to skip this and go for grilled Nutella followed by a mascarpone sandwich as dessert.

Trois Fois Plus de Piment

This is a Sichuan restaurant, which has received awards in the past. It is one of the best places in Paris where you can get your chilli fix. Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan area is famous for its traditional recipes. The foods prepared according to these recipes are part of the menu here. You can get the best noodles in the city in this restaurant.

The most amazing thing about the restaurant is that you are free to choose the level of spiciness that you want your food to have. There is a grade of spiciness measured on a scale from zero to five, from which you can choose the grade you prefer to have. However, for those who are used to the mildly spiced French foods, even a spice grade of two can be extreme.

The dandan soup along with a Tsingtao beer can give you the taste of the Southwestern part of China. The soup is prepared with ingredients like Chinese cabbage, peanuts, minced pork, chives, vinegar, and garlic.

Pizzeria Popolare

It was opened in the year 2017 and received so many good reviews within a short period. The restaurant is so unique in that it offers tasty and affordable Italian food in a beautiful and adorable setting. Usually, such foods in a similar setting can be expensive. However, the affordable costs of this restaurant make it the dream place of many tourists who want to taste the Italian food. You can get cheap pizzas in Paris in this restaurant. The creamy and thick risottos are also the main attraction, which is cost-effective. This is a place where all the tourists who visit once will desire to come back again.

Bouillon Chartier

This again is a restaurant, which is an ideal place to get good food at a reasonable price. Classic dishes are the main attraction of the menu. The restaurant is spacious since it is housed in a former railway station. The service in the restaurant is praiseworthy. Even when there is a long queue the staff is efficient, will help to get you a seat, and will serve you as soon as possible.

Ippudo Paris

This is a restaurant, which is very famous around the world for ramen. They have branches in different parts of the world. Though it is not the place to get the cheapest ramen, this will be the place to get the best ramen in Paris during your Paris tour. There are many other affordable foods offered in the restaurant like the Hirata buns and the Raijin wings.

Oui Galette

It is a small Lebanese bakery, which is overlooked by many of the tourists. Pita sandwiches also known as arayes is the main attraction here. There are a lot more items on the menu from which you may select your favorite. Sojok, curry chicken, lemon chicken are all that you may try here. After they take your order, they prepare the food right before your eyes.

Check out some of these budget restaurants on your Paris tour.