Best Places to Admire the Beauty of the Eiffel Tower

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When heard about Paris, the first thing that may pop into your mind will be the iconic Eiffel Tower. This amazing creation of the famous architect Gustave Eiffel is one of the most prominent structures that represent the French capital. Hence, you cannot wrap up your Paris tours without visiting the Iron Lady. Indeed, who will prefer to miss the breathtaking light show exhibited by the Eiffel Tower at night? Obviously, the place will be really crowded and noisy. In fact, you can expect a tourist pandemonium here.

The main attraction of the Eiffel Tower is its amazing view from the top floor; it offers a panoramic spectacle of Paris that is sure to sweep you off your feet. However, the admission ticket to climb up the stairs is a bit expensive. Hence, it will be a wise decision to enjoy the beauty of this iconic structure from different viewpoints if you are on a budget. Below are some of the best viewpoints that you may consider to enjoy the beauty of the great Eiffel Tower.

The Montparnasse Tower

Of course, Montparnasse tower is not as high as the Eiffel Tower, but it does offer a stunning panorama of the Paris city along with the Iron Lady in the frame. In the case of the Eiffel Tower, you can only see a panoramic view of Paris from its top floor, but will not be able to cherish the stunning beauty of the Tower. So, climb up the stairs of the Montparnasse tower and go to the 56th floor that is sure to mesmerize you with an awestruck view of the city. Try to come here at night so that you can enjoy the captivating light show as well.

Quai Branly Museum

Quai Branly museum is dedicated to the art and culture of different places like Africa, Asia, America, etc. In addition, it offers a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower at different angles. After browsing through the outstanding collection here, settle down at the restaurants that are located on the ground floor of the museum and relish your food enjoying the beauty of the Iron Lady.

The Big Ferris Wheel

Located at the Place de la Concorde, the Big Ferris Wheel is yet another viable option to enjoy the beauty of the famous Eiffel Tower. This structure, which is 65 meters high, is at an accessible distance from the Louvre museum, Champ Elysees, and the Tuileries garden. So, climb up to the top floor and get mesmerized by the beauty of the city with the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, the Tuileries Garden, and Champ Elysees in the frame. Needless to say, come here at night to make the best out of it.