Best Tea Spots to Visit in Paris

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Paris is a place where you can easily find some of the best coffee shops, cafes, nightclubs, and art museums. However, it may not be that easy to find a good cup of tea, since that particular beverage is not as romanticized here as coffee. Hence, you need to have a better knowledge of the Capital city to acquire a satisfying tea.

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower offers a great viewpoint to witness the sunrise. Besides, you can enjoy the place all to yourself before the flood of tourists takes over the place. Additionally, you can visit Trocadero, which offers delicious teas. You can enjoy the first rays of the sun with a steaming hot tea to keep you warm.

Ladurée Luxury

This is a historical Parisian tea room that has been serving since 1862. You can visit for a breakfast that will include a delicious tea. The place offers great food at affordable rates and is a favorite among food lovers in Paris. The restaurant is particularly known for its tasty macarons, which are perfectly complemented by a hot tea to wash it down.


This shop is a special attraction and a lesser known secret in Paris. It specializes in Natural products and has delightful tea to offer. In fact, you can taste organic varieties of tea from different corners of the world. The main floor is dedicated to selling herbal and naturopathic medicines, while the bar on the lower story serves hot tea. Don’t forget to try artisanal pastries from this shop, which are made with organic ingredients.

Bastille & Canal Saint-Martin

A bike ride through the streets of Bastille and along the Canal Saint-Martin cannot be missed on your journey to Paris. The place is a favorite among Parisians and one of the weekend spots. There are a number of cafes and shops along the Canal where you can find enviable tea.

Blackburn Café

Another of the delightful cafes in Paris is the Blackburn Café. It is said to have the best Latte in the world, called as Chai Tea Latte. Besides that, the place is eco-friendly, organic, and has a very cozy interior. It is very easily accessible, as it is close to two metro stations: Gare Du Nord and Gare De L’est.