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You will want to bring something home from your Paris tours as a souvenir of this wonderful trip. There are a lot of items you can get here that are some signature products of Paris. Whether it be something to keep in your personal collection or as a gift to your loved ones, you will never run out of options here. We list some best souvenir ideas for you to bring home back from your Paris tours.

French Macarons

Who does not love this rich deliciousness? Everyone in this world will be fond of the tasty French Macarons, therefore, this makes a wonderful idea for you to take home for your loved ones. The creamy macarons that will be arranged in different colors behind the glass of many bakeries are quite a sight to watch, and is a real treat for your tummy.

The French macaron will be light-as-air and it will be made of crispy shells and the center will be filled with cream that is usually made up of buttercream, ganache or jam.

French Soap Souvenir

Soap had been in existence in France since the middle ages. Even though it is not really a made in Paris thing, you can get plenty of soaps from all over France. You can buy some bars from many famous brands including Marseille and Provence. If you cannot afford the top brands, don’t worry, as you can buy a lot of cheap bars from the supermarkets. They will be available in a lot of varieties including milk, orange blossoms, lavender, peach, etc.

French Chocolate Souvenir

Chocolate is one of the top items in the souvenir list irrespective of the country or place you visit. But each country has some secret ways of making their chocolates special and distinct and French chocolates are no different.

French chocolates are traditionally darker and heavily roasted than Swiss or Belgian chocolates that are usually creamier and milkier. But now you can see wide varieties and flavors of French chocolates from milky light to much darker versions.

A Stamped Book from Shakespeare & Company

This is a popular English language expat bookstore that is located near the Notre Dame. This place was once a hangout of some famous artists and writers like Fitzgerald and Hemingway. The store still maintains its ancient charm and remains largely unchanged. A book from this shop that is stamped inside will be a perfect gift for any book lover.

Picasso Cubist Souvenirs

The Picasso Museum in Paris is a wonderful attraction of this city. This is a great destination that you can include in your private tours Paris. Picasso has spent a lot of time in Paris and this city became an inspiration for many of his artworks.

The Picasso Museum houses a gift shop where you can buy a lot of souvenirs associated with these museums. This creates a wonderful gift for those who love art.

Tea Souvenirs from the Famous MariageFreres

MariageFreres that was established in 1854 is a high-end as well as an elegant tea shop. It carries a wonderful collection of unique blends of tea. If you love tea, this is an ideal option for you.

Fresh Candy

Apart from the French chocolates, this is another fantastic option for those who love sweetness. You can get tasty candies all across Paris, hence, it makes a great souvenir option.

Trendy Apparels

Paris is a great destination for high fashion. It always follows the emerging trends in the fashion industry. Hence, Paris tours are a great occasion for you to update your wardrobe with new fashions. There are a lot of designer boutiques that sell trendy outfits and apparel. Even if you are on a budget, you don’t have to worry, as there will be a lot of shops where you can purchase everything you want for affordable rates.

Table Setting Souvenirs from Café de Flore

Paris is famous for its well-known bistros. The Café de Flore is one of such destinations that became popular because of the renowned personalities who used to visit this place. It was a hangout for many legendary writers and philosophers. One of the famous personalities who were a visitor here is Hemingway.

This café sells different table setting souvenirs that you can bring home. This will help you to recreate the wonderful feel of this restaurant at your home.

Floppy French Hat

This is a wonderful option for you to bring home to remember your voyage on the French capital. It will be also an asset for you to take some stunning Instagram pictures to create an ever-lasting memory of your Paris tours.

French Jam Souvenir

It is a delicious choice that you can get. Buy some tasty French jams from supermarkets. You can get jams from different brands including specialty jams that are made in a variety of flavors.