Choosing Parisian Neighborhoods That Complement your Personality

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When it comes to some of the neighborhoods in Paris, you can see a lot of frequent changes setting in. In fact, most of these places tend to frequently reinvent themselves with trendy restaurants, art galleries, shopping centers, etc, at every available nook and cranny. If you seek to find the true soul of the Parisian lifestyle while out on one of your Paris walking tours, the best option is to venture to some of the following incredible areas.


This is a small and historic neighborhood in the capital city of France. Even though you can walk around the place easily by foot, it is recommended that you ride the vintage French 2CV cars for the best experience. One of the main highlights that you can spot in this area is the ancient Saint-Germain-des-Prés church. This gothic style construction boasts the most beautiful wall frescoes in Paris. Apart from the church, you can also explore the nearby Café de Flore, Musee Maillol, Musee Delacroix, Rue du Buci Café, Birdland Jazz Bar, etc. Doubtless this neighborhood would be an ideal option for all the art enthusiasts and outdoor lovers that find themselves out there.

Eighth Arrondissement

This neighborhood is located at the center of the city and offers a wide range of attractions. You can enjoy a luxurious shopping experience at the Avenue des Champs Elysees here. Some of the popular brands that you can find at Champ Elysees include Gucci, Hermes, Givenchy, etc. In order to relax your nerves and pamper your body after a long shopping, there are numerous spas and salons as well in this area. Besides, you may pay a visit to Place de la Concorde in order to enjoy the view of a classic Parisian architecture inspiration. This type of localities will be ideal for all the tourists or say, shopaholics who prefer everything luxurious and classic.


Oberkampf is one of the popular nightlife destinations in Paris city. You can see a number of art galleries, shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, night clubs, vintage shops, flea markets, rock bands, etc., in this area. Note that most of these options, especially the cafes, bars, and rock bands will come to life only during the night. Some of the top-rated attractions in this locality include Rue Charlot, Café Charbon, Pop In, etc. Needless to say, Oberkampf will be an ideal destination for all the nocturnal bees and music lovers out there.