Common Mistakes to Avoid When Touring Louvre Museum in Paris

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Visiting the Musée du Louvre at one-go can be an overwhelming sensory experience especially for first-timers. It is best to follow the steps of seasoned museumgoer to enjoy your Paris tours to the fullest. So below are some of the mistakes, which first time and self-guided visitors make, and you should rather avoid.

Attempting to Tour Louvre Museum at One-Go

The museum in Paris is spread across multiple curatorial departments, which house over 380,000 objects and 35,000 artworks. Visitors are less likely to be able to catch all these items in a single day, so there are better strategies to enjoy your visit. Consider going to one or two wings of the former French palace, like the Denon Wing and Sully Wing, or any of the two. By taking this particular approach, you will likely get to observe works of arts and objects in a more enjoyable way.

Touring Louvre Museum during Peak Hours

Millions of people visit the Musée du Louvre each year. During peak hours, there is a rush to enter its galleries to catch a glimpse of the “Mona Lisa” or other famous and treasured artworks. These things happen during weekdays usually, and during admission-free first Sunday of each month from October to March. While that free admission is a tempting option, it is best to get a skip the line ticket and experience your Louvre Museum tour on other days and non-peak hours.

Not Touring Louvre Museum with a Paris Tour Guide

The Parisian museum offers an array of guided tours and experiences to suit visitors of all age and type, including those for families and children, disabled people, and thematic talks that focus on particular artistic movements or even collection highlights. Experienced Louvre Museum tour guides will know exactly what is currently on display, so it is best to take the trip with someone to guide you through.

Not Reading at Least Tidbits of French History

If you read something or the other about the past and present of the Musée du Louvre ahead of your trip, you can be the star of your group tour. Even if you are touring with a Paris tour guide, you can surprise them with a trivia about France. Of course, it is a form of respect to know where you are headed to and how significant it is to the local people.