Day Trips from Paris for You to Enjoy

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Paris is a mesmerizing city that offers a lot for its visitors to see and enjoy. There is an enormous number of wonderful monuments, museums and many other attractions in Paris that bring in a lot of people from all over the world. It will never disappoint the visitors as it has something in store for everyone.

A lot of people prefer to visit some of the other wonderful towns near Paris during their Paris tours. If you are also planning to explore the neighborhood of this city, then we have some fantastic options for you. You should definitely include them in your day trips from Paris.


This charming town is preferred by a lot of people to visit because of its magnificent beauty. This town remains lovely throughout the year, however, it will become more beautiful in the spring, when the flowers will begin to bloom. The cherry blossoms here are quite a sight to watch and there is an entire orchard for cherry blossoms on the grounds of the castle.

There is a wonderful castle for you to visit here that has been a fantastic location for many films. Another attraction is a stunning park where you can relax after a tedious day. This town also holds a lot of eateries where you can get anything you want to eat.


Versailles is a place you cannot miss during your private tours Paris. Versailles is one of the main attractions that France has to offer. Make sure that you spend at least half a day to explore this alluring city. This place offers a variety of activities for visitors to do. There is a grand palace which remains as a pride of this town. In addition to this, there are a lot of museums, cafés as well as many quirky architecture for you to enjoy.

If you are visiting in the autumn, you can go fruit picking in different farms situated here which will be a unique experience for you. Hence, do not forget to visit this beautiful town during your Paris tours.


This charming town is just an hour’s drive away from the center of Paris. It boasts a rich history and culture and is a wonderful destination to spend your day. This town has three alluring museums including the museum of art and archaeology, the museum of Spahis and the museum of the hunts. There is also a medieval cellar, a historic abbey along with the ruins of a Roman arena. Hence, you will never run out of options here for exploring.

Another historical significance of this town is its link with the French heroine Joan of Arc. She led the French troops in the renowned historic battle of Montépilloy between the 15th and 16th of August in the year 1429. The French troops managed to achieve victory under her guidance against the English. There is a commemorative plaque situated in the church as a reminder of her victory.


Chartres, which is located in the Loire valley, is a gateway to the land of castles. This city is popular for its fascinating museums, oodles of medieval architecture and an impressive cathedral.

This town has been a famous destination for a large number of Catholic pilgrims since the middle ages. You can also visit the Loire Valley during this trip which will be a fascinating experience for you.


It will only take half an hour for you to reach this place from the center of Paris. This town is one among the pretty French towns near Paris. It has a large number of attractions ranging from its wonderful eateries and lovely architecture to a stunning forest and a beautiful castle which is now home to a spectacular museum of archaeology.

Apart from the museum, the castle itself is worth a visit because of its magnificent architecture and also because of the fact that it is the birthplace of Louis XIV. Aside from this wonderful castle, you can also pay a visit to Musée Claude Debussy and Château de Monte Cristo which are other popular attractions of this place.


You can reach this town in two hours from Paris. It is a medieval town that is fully preserved without losing its medieval charm. This city is really worth visiting as it will take you on a tour through the history of France.

Utilize the opportunity to visit the cathedral where the Joan of Arc attended mass or climb a medieval tower that dates back to the 12th-century. It’s not every day you will get such great opportunities, hence, you should utilize it to the maximum when it is available. There are also many medieval tunnels in this place that carries a mysterious history and are waiting to be explored. This town will never disappoint you and it is a great destination for you to include in your Paris tours.