Exploring the Secret Villages in Paris

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Paris is a city of extravagant sights and urban culture. The city is known as the trendsetter for the rest of the worlds in terms of glamour and the exotic sights it shows. However, there are some quaint spots within Paris too that are tucked away in the unseen corners of the French capital city. For these villages, life has always been the same as the old days. Below is an insight into these lesser-known parts of Paris.

Square De Montsouris, 14th Arrondissement

Not far away from the famous Catacombs site is one of the last remaining villages of Paris, Square de Montsouris. This place has all the elements of a typical early 20th Century village – artistic residences, Art Deco houses, and leafy façades that resemble a Cezanne painting. The village is not exactly located in town, but it is a winding road with all these constructions.

Butte Bergeyre, 19th Arrondissement

This place is located close to the Buttes Chaumont and is clearly off the beaten path. The best part is that it is a secret to even a majority of Parisians. This is supported by the fact that the secret village is accessible only through a couple of steep flights of stairs and a winding road. Adding to the importance of this village is one of the last remaining vineyards of Paris city. If you get here by any chance, do not forget to stake a stroll down the vineyard and enjoy the views of the Sacré-Cœur Basilica.

Cité Florale, 13th Arrondissement

The Butte aux Cailles area of the city houses a gem of a village named Cité Floral. The village has all sorts of elements including leafy vines, flowers, and the vintage feels, making you experience a typical French Hamlet in the middle of Paris. The cobbled streets are completely free of rush, and an ideal place to go for Paris walking tours. If you are looking to spend a little bit of time away from the incessantly moving metropolis city, this is where you need to be.

Butte Aux Cailles, 13th Arrondissement

If you have already explored the touristy lanes of Paris, head to the hilltop town of Butte Aux Cailles. It really makes you feel like miles away from the busy streets of the French capital city. Furthermore, its architecture is unique, unlike other places in the City of Lights. This village was also the site of the first-ever hot air balloon ride.