Exploring the Winding Paths along the River Seine in Paris

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Any European city surrounded by waterways is transformed by the connection between the static and the moving while also tracing past trade and paths of invasion. Paris city is home to the River Seine, which flows via the heart of the City of Lights bordering half of its 20 arrondissements. It still seems fascinating to this day, that Paris developed into a powerhouse of transportation and commerce, when ancient Parisian tribes were attacked and ousted by Romans. All those events unfolded when Seine was called as ‘Sequana’, which used to be its Latin derivative.

The Seine still serves as the commercial waterway of Paris, serving half of water consumed in the capital city. Tourists often get confused with Right and Left Bank of Paris, spending hours on corners of cobblestoned streets. Left Bank is to the south of Seine River and encompasses 6 Parisian districts known officially as arrondissements. Most of the art lovers explore the left flank since there are many tourist attractions situated in the southern side of the river including Eiffel Tower, Catacombs of Paris, Tour Montparnasse, Boulevard Saint-Germain, and the Panthenon.

Right Bank to northern side of the river in Paris is not short of areas of interest either, boasting of Musée du Louvre, Tuileries Gardens, Musée de l’Orangerie, Champs-Élysées avenue, Centre Pompidou, and many other places. While Left Bank is home to the Latin Quarter situated amidst fifth and sixth arrondissements, the Right Bank of Paris is home to the Le Marais district, so take your pick when on Paris tours devoted to all things.

The system of distributing the French capital according to the positioning of Seine is simple to follow on paper. However, it was devised since the river flow curvy it makes navigating the streets somewhat difficult to the first time tourists. The trick to orient the cobbled streets is to throw an object into the river to know which way the river flows. If it is flowing downriver, for instance, the left flank is to the left and right flank to the respective direction.

In case you cannot tell apart left and right flanks, it is best to go on Paris tours with a native guide who can help you with navigation. With a Paris tour guide alongside, you can make sure that you visit Les Deux Magots café instead of winding up at La Défense district.