A Helpful Parisian Guide for a Stylist

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Paris Tourist Attractions

Paris, the capital city of France, is one of the most spectacular destinations in the world to explore. The city offers an eclectic range of attractions to entertain and excite every traveler. No wonder, the number of tourist flocking to the French capital city is increasing phenomenally over the years. One of the significant factors that you may consider while planning Paris city tours will be the fashion. On a related note, Paris is regarded as the fashion capital for valid reasons and you are likely to be intimidated by the incredible fashion sense of the locals here. Do you know that Parisians tend to look all dressed up and polished even while jogging or paying a visit to any market to purchase groceries?

Paris and the fashion culture

This outstanding sense of stylists in Paris is one of the major income sources of the city. It is to be noted that there are almost six fashion weeks conducted in the French capital per year. According to some studies, each fashion week tend to yield around €1.2 billion and the whole fashion industry in Paris is reaping around €150 billion annually and over a million people are employed in this field. All these statistics and figures point out to one ultimate factor; the endless stream of trendy galleries, stylish boutiques, stores, markets, restaurants, hotels, etc., to experience and get inspired by in Paris.

Where to shop

So, it is obvious that almost every traveler may leave plenty of room in their bags as they come to accommodate their ravishing outfits and accessories purchased from Paris. When it comes to the best place to shop in Paris, you will never run out of options since every nook and cranny in the city is filled with eclectic stores. However, there are some amazing spots that you may consider to kick start your shopping spree in the best way possible. One of those amazing points to spruce up your overall shopping extravaganza experience in Paris is the concept stores and the best options are listed below.

Concept stores

It is often said that ‘fashionistas are spoiled for choice in Paris’. In fact, almost every celebrity and model regularly visits Paris to upgrade their wardrobe. Some of the ideal options for concept stores in Paris are the evergreen Colette and Montaigne market. The latter will be perfect if you are looking for branded options or luxury retail giants.

Tom Greyhound Paris and Center Commercial are some other appealing options in this genre. The former is a Seoul-based concept store and it is the first international outpost of its kind and you can find an engaging and eclectic mix of established and budding brands here. The latter boasts popular French labels for adults and kids. Note that all these brands are certified sustainable, organic, and responsibly manufactured.