Hidden Gems Of Paris’ Food Scene

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There are so many secret flavors of Paris which you must explore while on your Paris tour. You can experience the best steaks, baguettes, and drinks in Paris if you know about the places where they are available. Here is a list of the secret places in Paris, where you can get the best food.

Benoit – The Secret Restaurant

It is a very old brasserie located in Les Halles. It is almost a hundred years old. The quality of the food served here is remarkable. They always serve big lumps of pâté along with the bread. Though the puddings made and served here are of the classic style, that doesn’t make them less loved. The room itself is so beautiful and attractive with brass rails and the mosaic floor.

Rue Mouffetard – The Secret Market

It is located in the 5th arrondissement of the city. It is undoubtedly the best street market in Paris. You can get the feel of the old Paris city when you are in this area. The bustling markets and the cobbled streets create a special atmosphere. The smell of the roasted chicken follows you all over the street. You will get to see that there will be numerous chickens being roasted at a time. It is more of a regional market where the village farmers come and sell their produce at some stalls.

La Cagnotte De Belleville – The Secret Bar

Though it is rough and unkempt, the bar is Parisian. You can see various classes of people here including the workmen, mothers with kids and also the musicians and artists who are the sure visitors to the bar. After some time, the people become crazy and smoke and drink fashionably, with background rock music.

Café Cambronne – The Secret Cafe

This is a conventional Parisian café, with different kinds of people visiting the place. There are no many reservations of seats and anyone is welcome to the café. The hectic feel of the café is lovable and it is a perfect moody space for those who love it. There is a long bar on one side of the café where you can get your drinks. The steaks served in the café are very famous and are of high value. It is a pleasant experience to sit on the terrace in the evening during summer, enjoying the fairy lights, which add charm to the area.

Make sure that you explore some of these hidden flavors of the city in your next Paris tours.