Ideas for a Pocket Friendly Paris Trip

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Paris city is famous for its luxury with extravagant restaurants, hotels and many other attractions. The luxurious ambience of this city will tempt you to squander your money and finally feel like a pauper. However, it is possible to enjoy Paris city without spending too much money if you plan it right. In this article we list some wonderful tips that will help you to save money on your Paris tours. Following are some fantastic ideas that will help you to explore Paris without going bankrupt.

Book your ticket in advance

Flight tickets and train tickets to Paris can be incredibly expensive. If you are planning to visit Paris, plan it before a few months. This will help you to book your flight or train tickets in advance. Do it before several months of visit, especially during the off season period if possible. This will help you to save a considerable amount of money on your flight charges.

Visit during the off season period

The peak time when a large number of tourists flock to Paris will be during the spring and summer seasons. The flight charges and accommodation charges will be high during this period. So it is better to avoid visiting during this time to save your money to a great extend. Make your visit during the low season when the air and train fares and accommodation charges are cheaper.

Utilize public transportation facilities

Taking a taxi or other private modes of transportation can cost a considerable amount during your Paris tours. So it is better to depend on public transportation facilities to travel around the city. Paris has a great public transportation system and the fares are also relatively cheap.

Visit attractions that are free of cost

Paris has a vast number of attractions which are free to visit. There are a number of museums, monuments, annual events and many more attractions where you will get free entry. Therefore, you can have access to some opulent attractions of Paris without spending a fortune.

Choose accommodation wisely

There are many hotels in Paris which charges only an affordable amount but still provides the comfort of a luxury hotel. You can find some of such hotels to arrange a pocket friendly stay. There are also apartment facilities and hostel facilities available in Paris which is really cheaper and will help you save quite a fortune on your stay.