List of Awesome Consignment Shops in Paris

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Paris is one of the best places in the world to go shopping. Everyone visiting this wonderful city has this dream, but shopping in this city without breaking your bank is a serious matter to think about. One of the best solutions for this problem is visiting consignment shops in the city. In these shops, you would be able to get items at a fraction of the price to what the price tag says. Below are some good consignment shops in the city, which you could pay a visit to after your Louvre Museum tour.

Madame De

You may mistake this shop to be a regular one just like any other shop in the city, but when you hear about what this shop could offer you, it would really amaze you. The shop has a wide selection of garments from various brands like Comptoir des Cotonniers or Maje. Moreover, they would provide you these branded clothes at really amusing price ranges. All the clothes displayed here come from the recent trendy collections; the place also has selected vintage pieces. In addition to this, they also provide various ranges of footwear and may other accessories the collection from Repetto ballerinas.

Valois Vintage

Valois Vintage cannot be regarded as a regular consignment shop; it actually is a luxury consignment shop. This place could offer you a wide range of articles like Dior tops, Chanel pumps, or Nina Ricci jackets, all at a reasonable rate. The salespeople at this place are also very welcoming. You could also get a good range of accessories like rings, necklaces, luxury bags, and watches from this place. Moreover, the shop provides branded items too for all the brand lovers.


The shop looks spectacular from the outside; the display window here displays flashy colors, mannequins in makeup, and many amazing decorations that would really make you wonder what is inside the shop. As you set your foot inside, you would be able to find out that the place is like an Ali Baba’s cave. The shop could provide you with almost everything you need, ranging from the top brands to the local items. The prices of dresses here are also amazing, and you would be able to shop all the accessories you need at a much affordable price range. Another highlight of the shop is that they frequently welcome new arrivals, which helps them to stay ahead in the game always.