Stuff to Do When you Are near the Opera House in Paris

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The Opera Garnier in Paris is exemplary of Parisian architecture, serving as a spot where entertainment, art and luxury combine to bring the best sense of the wealth they had here in the nineteenth century. Visiting is a must, but if you are in the area and ever decide against it for some reason, there are plenty of other things you can get up to in the meantime.

Head to the Galeries Lafayette

While on Paris tours, it sort of behooves one to do their fair bit of shopping before heading back home. The Galleries Lafayette is the perfect place for this, considering it is the biggest store Paris has to offer. Placed on Haussmann Boulevard among a bevy of other famous brands and haute-couture shops, the Galeries Lafayette can serve up shopping opportunities of the kind you would only have dreamed of.

Check out the Museum of Perfume

This is the place where Coco Chanel used to work before kicking off her designer empire. The perfume too was born here. Placed in Scribe Street, the Museum of Perfume was started by the famous perfume brand Fragonard. You get a free guided tour lasting about twenty minutes, where they show you how perfumes have been made for centuries, and how today’s and older technology contributes to the process. You also get to see demonstrations which impress exactly why the “nose” is such an important part of it all. They even give you a chance to test your nose, through identification of about six common perfume notes.

Walk Around in the Tuileries Garden

Across the Rivoli Street you will find the Tuileries Garden, which used to be the garden of choice for long list of French Kings back in the old days. Revel in the pleasant atmosphere here, and grab a green chair to lie down and relax on, as you appreciate the surrounding beauty in your own good time. There is no grass here, though; just sand covers the ground, so be forewarned in case you have allergies of in that area. Few activities get more Parisian than sitting leisurely on one of the green chairs here.

With these three things to do, you can be sure that if you do decide not to check out the Opera House, then you can still go back to your hotel with a day’s worth of some decent Parisian experience under your belt. It all works out even better if you have a local guide rattling off tidbits about some of the major places and stores as you pass them.