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Summer in Paris is from mid-July to mid-August. This is a period when you can see various activities in Paris city including classical shows, dance programs, sunbathing, and much more. The list of programs that takes place in the streets of Paris is often endless as the summer festivals in Paris are the most popular in the world.

There is a lot of fashion on display during the summer festivals. There are many ideal choices for you to wear like short dresses, hot pants, and tank tops even when you can choose to stand out with any of your personal choices during Paris tours. You can get festival outfits from almost all the shops in the streets during this time.

While exploring the summer festivals in Paris you will have to keep in mind the various aspects of convenience including your budget. Below are some picks for you to have an unforgettable summer in Paris.

La Fête de la Musique

La Fête de la Musique is the Street music festival in Paris, which is one of the most popular events in France in general. The event happens on the 21st of June on every year and it attracts hundreds of Parisians as well as tourists from all parts of the world.

During the festival, Parisians form crowds outside cafes, bars and on the streets of Paris and give free performances of jazz, electronic music, rock, and hip-hop. The event has started in France and has gained international attention now. Every Parisian loves to go out on the street to enjoy the different music styles and performances that are happening during this time of the year.

The mood of the city is usually light during this time; this time is often a good chance to get to know about the neighborhoods, bars, and cafes of Paris like a local.

Bastille Day

Bastille Day in Paris is celebrated on 14th July of every year; it also includes the days around it. The day is been referred to as La Fête de la Bastille in French as it marks the storming of the Bastille prison during the year 1789. It also marks the first main event of the French Revolution that happened in the year 1789. The destruction of Bastille prison which was situated in central Paris caused strong emotions for Parisians and was the first movement of democracy.

There will be patriotic processions and splashing fireworks all over Paris during the Bastille Day, which is a great opportunity to enjoy outdoor parades in Paris.